Saturday, August 20, 2011

I let myself believe that being with my father in Denver was the end of it.

She has a short leash with him and here he was. No matter what else she can not get too far without him yanking her back. There were friend's from Dallas at Castle Rock. They were drinking something called grasshoppers and I was not allowed. I slept in the basement on the top bunk of a bed. Sometime after I fell asleep the people living there woke me and had me get dressed. My father came in and we were off to Dallas. The police had come for my mother and something about mistaking her for someone else. I really didn't connect this with that. At least for now. By the time we got to Dallas I knew more than I wanted to know. Stitching together his mumbling rants. I knew this was about the other. There is trouble that can't be out ran, and we were in it. We made it to Dallas and parked by the jail.

Sunday night and KLIF radio was broadcasting a story every twenty minutes about my mother being flown back to answer for the murder of some man with that guy from Kansas City. They were being held without bail because it was expected the state would seek the death penalty. I didn't understand much. I didn't need a program to tell me that having her being on the news wasn't a good thing. "Whole lotta love" was on the charts then. The trippy part in the middle still makes me squirm.

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