Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kansas City was no place for an eight year old.

Crazy people surround themselves with the same. She is no exception. Anybody that wanted to come over and do what ever they liked was welcome. Just be gone before the husband comes in from work. They would talk about sticking a gun in someones face that wasn't giving them due respect. Pets were fed liquor and thrown in cold showers to sober up. It was endless fascination for them to watch a guinea pig stagger and end up with pneumonia and die.
 Kids were never to interfere with adults amusing themselves. This was still in the kids should be seen and not heard days.
 Leaving Kansas City after my fathers work was done was an eleventh hour pardon from execution. I breathed a sigh of relief entering the freeway to leave town.
The reason we pulled off the highway about as soon as we got on was standing in front of the coffee shop waiting on us.
Inches from a clean get away.
Her day shift guy got in and we got back on the road. Dad was in Denver waiting, but we were not headed there. We were going to Dallas. Our home town. No explanations. The house was closed while we were on the road. And we were headed to Dallas. In Dallas there were whispered phone conversations. They came in. They went out. I was filled with dread. Nothing good was coming from any of this. I could see this and I was eight.

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