Thursday, December 8, 2011

Get off of my cloud

It's hard to blame my mother for everything. It's hard not to.
She split the atom that split the ones after.
If you could see her and know her affect, you would know why I do.
She started this train wreck long before I was born.
Her presence is a miasma that hangs in the air and suffocates.
Her eyes are flat black and lifeless.
They scan for something good to extinguish.
She enters a room, and the room becomes darker.
I always expected to look below her house coat and see no feet jutting out.
Just  her hovering like an apparition.
The  looks that she used to manipulate men are gone.
What is left is flesh bruised by years of taking blood thinners
I will ever understand her zeal for screwing people over.
She is motivated by things that are only known to her.
I wouldn't want to know them if she wanted to tell.
I 've heard more than I ever want to.
As far as there ever being even an attempt at a healthy dynamic between her and those of us that are left.
It's too late.
Maybe in another life.
Not this one.


Lisette said...

My MN sister is a hoarder and a total shut-in, but that doesn't stop her from wreaking havoc on other people's lives. The telephone and computer are her trademark forms of destruction.

These freaks need to be put in isolation without access to communication.

q1605 said...

How do they do it?
How do they do it?
My mother is the MacGyver of wrecking things in the most classless way.
One time a friend of my mother was coming over to see her accompanied by her husband.
Reliable sources say she met them at the door wearing nothing but some sheer see through lingerie.
My mother even copped to it later.
This friend scolded my mother and left, never to return.

Vintage said...

*These freaks need to be put in isolation without access to communication.

I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

They revel in destruction and are equal-opportunity destroyers. That's just what they in "Occupation: Total destruction of the world in my quest to prove I'M the BEST and BADDEST mofo on the planet (so I can RULE who ever happens to be left post-apocloyptically.")

q1605 said...

Yes anon, they do revel in destruction. I will disagree with the equal opportunity part though.

They will take anybody out around them. But nothing makes them lick their chops like making a meal of a close family member.

Charity said...

A few weeks after my parents' marriage blew apart, the old guy who delivered our daily newspaper came by for his money. But instead of coming alone like he normally did, he had his wife with him, and he stayed in the car while his wife came to the door. My mother called down from upstairs, asking me who was knocking on our door, and I told her it was the newspaper man, because I had looked out the window and recognized his car. Then my mother said she was feeding the baby, and told me to get the door and tell him we didn't have the money.

I had no sooner opened the door to the guy's wife, when my mother comes down the stairs, which was a few feet away and in plain view of the front door, and she is wearing nothing but a semi-see-through half-slip. I mean she did not have a stitch of clothing on, from the waist up.

When my mother saw that the wife was at the door, she smiles her big creepy fake smile and says, "Oh I'm so glad that it's you and not your husband, I would hate for him to see me like this!" Giggle. "I was breastfeeding the baby, that's why I couldn't answer the door right away. But your husband is always so nice and friendly to me, I didn't want him to think that I was rudely ignoring him, so I came down as quickly as I could to tell him that."

Then she turned and went back up the stairs. The old woman looked at me with shock and fury in her eyes, and left without saying another word.

WTF, indeed.

q1605 said...

I'll be goddamn. My mother did something like that but with a couple she knows. If it didn't kill her relationship with the wife it strained it.
What is wrong with these people?