Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nothing up my sleeve

I attended a dozen different schools by the time I was in fifth grade. My father traveled for work, and we traveled with him. Living out of a suit case became second nature and we were like a band of gypsy's. I nurtured fantasies of my mother being left behind and eaten by wolves. I would have settled for us shoving her out of our moving car.
After our arrival in Kansas City we rented a room in a motel. I carried the bags in, and she had me close the trunk of her car.
Too bad she had set her keys inside the trunk. The only set they brought.

Who doesn't bring a spare set of keys?
Who sets them inside the trunk?
Who sends their 8 year old out to close the trunk?

Dealing with crazy people is fatiguing. You ease around them. Always the diplomatic.
 Requesting something had to be planned in advance.
Never a question without first knowing the answer.  Yes or no questions were always NO!
Open ended questions were not much  better.
Eventually I gave up. I got what I needed on my own, or I did without.
My mother drove me to school that first day in Kansas City. I hopped on the curb and she drove away. It was scary to walk in alone. But not as scary as having her come with me.
I was embarrassed to be seen with her. There was always something to set her off so I didn't mind going it alone.
The people in the school office were very kind. I had our phone number memorized.  I had all the right papers with me so I winged it.
People say her actions made me independent.
She instilled in me that the world was a never ending mine field.
And my duty is to disarm them all.


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