Friday, February 10, 2012

When you've got nowhere to turn, turn on the gas.


  "Capote", a film about Truman Capote's research for the novel "In Cold Blood," brings to mind how it was for me living with my mother and bearing the full brunt of her.
 The movie is about Capote as he researches the details of a 1959 murder of four family members in Holcomb Kansas. 
  He is granted access to the pair convicted of the crime after they are sentenced to death.  
No one is yet sure how that night played out. But as long as both of them stretch a rope, no one cares. Those two aren't talking. String'em up.
   He had enough information to write his book, but for two things. Them hanging so he could write an ending. And the details of how that night unfolded.
  Perry Smith, the more adroit of the two, received the lion's share of Truman's attention. To Capote it was a foregone conclusion that the unhinged partner in crime Hickox would be the one responsible for the rampage. 
  So began a cat and mouse game between Capote and Perry. With no surrender of what he needed to finish the book. 
Years ticked away. 
Their appeals were exhausted.  
Here is the pivotal scene. 
Truman is in Perry's cell. Perry has learned the name of Capote's book and is furious. Truman tells him it is a working title, and that he can't pick a name until he knows what happened that night. 
Perry rolls it out. He tells about the pairs mistaken belief that there was $10,000 dollars in the house. 
Perry describes cutting the father's throat, and his systematic stalking through the house firing shotgun blasts into the heads of the rest of the family.
The look on Capote's face is one of suppressed horror. He now knows he has been sitting in front of the real killer since day one. 
An analogue of the seven months attending to my mother. There was no epiphany. 
 I slowly became aware of sharing the house with a person who viewed people as animals to be taken out and put down after their usefulness to her had ended.
Not even a vindictiveness about it. Just a detached calculated end of their utility to her, and how it might be easier to put them in a shallow grave than to 
go about the nasty business of getting them to leave.



Anonymous said...

"In Cold Blood." Capote at his best writing, IMO.

The Barbarian at HER "Best." I absolutely believe she'd plug you, q if you ever went back there. She's already made a direct threat and I believe her. Yes, it IS a "slow unfolding" and it seems to me sometimes Adult Kids revisit the "scene" because they think, "Well, I was a kid. Maybe I was mistaken." Or perhaps out of a sense of obligation to their aging 'parent.'

Kids are without guile. They take it all in even if they can't make sense of it. And there is such a constancy in these "beings" that a kid can't miss it-and the Adult Kid confirms it. Positively chilling, IMO.


Lisette said...

I loved that film, and it's part of my collection. The colors are brilliant, and really set the tone. The actors are perfectly cast. I've always loved Capote as a writer and real life character, but this true life story destoyed him. Too close to real life he got. People called Capote a narcissist, maybe he was, but he wasn't a sociopath. He delved into, wrote and lived a true life crime story. Not unlike you, Q. It was forced on you, and that takes guts. That takes nerves of steel. That takes honesty. That takes skill to write about this shit in a way that people understand.

I am always grateful for you putting it out there, and your original take on things.

I've always been hoping that another "Capote" would emerge. But. I've got your damn blog. I feel lucky to be privy to your talent, if not your brutal honesty.

Cheers to Mike Hard's Limeade!

Had to lighten the mood, was getting too serious. heehee!

q1605 said...

You nailed it TW. Her legal problems started when I was 8. Her trial when I was ten. We got her acquitted and I thought we could all go back to being normal. It was at this time I was old enough and started to under stand that normalcy, even viewed as something relative, was something she and by extension we, were not.
After 30 plus years I not only forgot what a freak she is but also learned the ways of the uncrazy.
Moving in with her was culture shock of the highest order.
Lisette. You slay me. I think Capote was a narcissist attention whore, but I have seen little to indicate he was disordered.
I doubt if a personality disordered person could have his insight into people.
Other than the occasional pot shot he took at some bombastic celebrity, I think he was rather down to earth and a generous and kind human.
Don't forget the sis!

Anonymous said...

Hey, let's show Truman due respect. It was really, really tough in those days to be Gay and he did quite well IMO. At least he was honest.

J. Edgar Hoover with his bouncy ass and his "Assistant" Tolman were despicable in terms of how Hoover de facto ran over Presidents/Ags/Congress/Supreme Court nominees in the US through multiple administrations. If Truman was gonna gossip, his was thinly veiled not locked away to be retrieved to influence power through unabashed blackmail.

Yes, thanks Lisette. Let's all have a few "TGIF" and the party is at q's!! Less' see what we can "inflame" tonight with our oh-so-reverent stance towards MNs and sociopaths....hmmm.....

q1605 said...

I think Truman was fucking great. I have never seen a writer like him.
I am a charter member of narcissistic attention whores and we are proud to have him in our hall of fame.
Baby! Bring it home to the big D and the drinks are on me.
And I am not shitting the bull.

Anonymous said...

Pass the man a Labatt's! Let's break out some good Canadian beer!

q1605 said...

I drank a few thousand Mooseheads back in the day.

Lisette said...

Where did the Canadian come from? Hello, fellow Cancuck!

It's great not to have to leave your home, to head to the bar.

You have a nice, warm cozy bar lounge vibe on your blog Q. That takes skill.

q1605 said...

Well I do hail from the state of George W. Bush.
And George Bush says:
"Yesterday, you made note of my -- the lack of my talent when it came to dancing. But nevertheless, I want you to know I danced with joy. And no question Liberia has gone through very difficult times."

Anonymous said...

"You have a nice, warm cozy bar lounge vibe on your blog Q. That takes skill."
I'll second that! LOL

I'm not sure if I'll blend in over here...All that I know about Canadian beer is from drinking Molson! I don't get out much. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, look at where WE are....I'm firmly attached to the couch. (Except for "necessary" trips to the fridge.) It's suppose to be way below 0 tonight and it's clearly headed that way.

So Lisette and I will stay where it's warm, thanks. (At least that's my excuse, and the company here is better in any event!) Here, Lisette, a Labatt's for you as well...
We COULD have a "BARB-b-que....."

Anonymous said...

Yeah...good ol' "W". (That's pronounced "Double-ya.")

Couldn't sing, couldn't dance. But damn, he sure looked good on that aircraft carrier with the big, "Combat Operations Over" type '03.....

Politics or Psychopaths? What we all doin'?!

Anonymous said...

BTW, did I miss somethin' last week? Some sort a news on The Onion? The New Yawk Times? I saw the rodent- thing that says 6 more weeks of winter. No shit. You ought to be where I am, little rodent.

So, I missed the announcement of "National MN/Psychopath 'Estranged Parent' Troll" week. Did you all have a heads up on this one?!

TW (who ELSE?)

q1605 said...

I'd head ya'lls way if my cars engine wasn't in pieces on the dining room table and the rims at the pawn shop.
But I will be there in spirits. Distilled spirits that is.

q1605 said...

"Combat Operations Over"
I think it was "mission accomplished"
Which would have been true if he was talking about Uncle Sam dropping his pants and pressing the ass cheeks of the US against the windshield of the world.

Anonymous said...

"Politics or Psychopaths? What we all doin'?!"
I still need to learn how to tell the difference! Hahaa!

Sounds like you're having a good time there, Tundra Woman! Entertaining as always! I bet after I finish this glass of wine (or some other natural substance that seems to make things extra funny), you'll be even funnier!

Anonymous said...

If your "engine is apart" and "sitting on the dining room table" I can't possibly put a positive spin on that mess.

But I can at least keep it respectful. If I were your wife, I'd be PISSED! You mean we have to eat all our meals while we're sitting on the couch/floor for ANOTHER 3 WEEKS?!

q1605 said...

You guys always jump to conclusions. It's not the engine, it's the transmission. Biiiig difference.

Anonymous said...

Don't be goin' all FOGgy on us NOW, q! You DID say "engine!"

And how you're gonna fix that transmission on the dining room table will be worth at least several buddies, several cases and several weeks.

I'm just sayin' that grease is a bitch to clean up. And in The Tundra we don't attempt such endeavors in the winter because it's all glued together by "mother nature" (frozen and so are you) and the "undoing" of the tranny has resulted in more fires/explosions and personal injuries than the "One Pot" meth labs. We're a bit slow on the uptake here, but we do get death, dismemberment and burns hurt-a LOT.

Just sayin'.......... (Yes, I know my thinking here is "concrete." So is the ice! And don't get me started again on that little rodent...)

q1605 said...

One of my friend's turned it into a bong so I thinks it's staying on the table.