Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sociopath wanna be's

I was on a site called Sociopath World and found the most pathetic excuse for a personality disordered person/sociopath I have ever seen in my life.


A sociopath reader questions why sociopaths are seen as wolves:

Don't get me wrong, wolves are cool. If I could be any animal, it would be a predator. If I had to choose, my decision would be between an Alaskan Wolf and a Harpy Eagle. However, people actually looking at a sociopath as some type of predator disgusts me to the point of wanting to hurt the fucking idiots who label anyone as such. Now, I have no doubt that there are some people who actually are predators in some way. Some people may actually fit the bill. However, labeling a group of people as so is just ridiculous. When I meet someone, I don't look for their weaknesses and attack them for it. Knowing someone over a period of time, it is only natural that you discover their weaknesses and strengths, everyone does. Sociopaths and psychopaths may use this to their advantage, but does that make them a predator?
These "empaths" as they are called on your website are nothing but pieces of shit. I constantly read about them trying to "observe and understand" or "beat sociopaths at their own game". When I read about an "empath" creating some story of "beating a sociopath at his own game" I just want to punch my computer screen. Nearly every comment area on your website has some bullshit "empath" recalling some bullshit story about how they are super duper fucking awesome for being stupid fucking hypocrites. The fact that they call themselves empaths and then go and "play the sociopath game" is more twisted then anything a sociopath can ever do.

"I started giving the sociopath that works with me exactly the same treatment he gave me and other unsuspecting women, including exposing him to colleagues. He is running around complaining that he is so hurt and disappointed yet he had no problem doing this to me! what is with that? it seems to me that they are good at dishing it out but they can handle it themselves?"


You've gone and attracted every fucked up person with self-esteem issues, thrown them into a tank full of wanna-be sociopaths, and have passed popcorn out to those smart enough to just sit in the stands and watch. Thanks for the popcorn, but the show is starting to piss me off.

This was a post from a self proclaimed sociopath on a site called "sociopath world". If this guy/girl is a sociopath, I'll kiss your ass and give you an hour to draw a crowd to watch me do it. He sounds more like  the second in command of his high school glee club. Like Goth kids running around declaring themselves to be vampires.  I am not the walking barometer of sociopath behavior, but I can tell you this guy isn't one. I can also tell you with out a shadow of a doubt, that my mother is. My family and I suffered nothing but misery at her hands since the day I hit the ground and before. 
I don't think my mother sized every one she met up to use as a victim, but as time went by, she squeezed every thing out of every body she encountered until she could squeeze no more. Then left us behind like  insect shucks in a spider web. 
Her actions were mostly on unchecked impulse, but when you feel the cord jerk around your neck, it doesn't matter what her designs for you were in the beginning. She's throttled you and is now moving on to milk blood from someone else.
If this is your first time here, let me get you up to speed.  Back in the 60's,  my mother seduced some barely twenty something kid into robbing my father's boss. Fucked around and shot him and put him six feet under. After my father stood by her during her murder trial, and through thick and thin....mostly thin, those were some lean times, she twisted off with the first swinging dick she could find and my father snuffed it soon after. The murder and the suicide were done within ear shot of me. The murder was done within earshot of my sister. As for what damage that was left in her wake? She couldn't be bothered.
Now that's a sociopath!

Not some limp dick sashaying around taking no prisoners in the rough and tumble office gossip mill.
I know nuns with less conscience than this douche. He is gluten free, white bread, dipped in the soy milk of sociopathy. This guy is about as scary as a prison bitch.
For starters........
No self respecting sociopath would waste their time posting lame shit like this. No self respecting sociopath  is on the internet. Not debating what constitutes being a sociopath. They are out there working the grind. If they are on-line, they are busy shaking down some unsuspecting schmuck. I doubt that they have ever heard of sociopath world.  And I know they don't sit around sipping merlot and debating what separates  sociopath's from the rest of us.
They are out there looking for people like me and you. 
And you can bet your ass they are. Right now.
When someone is telling you they are a sociopath, that's the first clue that they are not. They are really telling you how clueless they are and to have no fear of them turning their sight's on you.  And know the person proclaiming to be a sociopath is as useful in any debate about sociopath's as tits are on a boar hog.
 I have spent more time in proximity of a bona fide sociopath than any clinical psychologist ever will. A sociopath that almost rode old sparky off the mortal coil of prison life and into Texas history. 
I can't write a thesis on sociopath's.  But I know them when I see them. I can feel them as they  pass me on the side walk. Their stench radiates like heat shimmering off the hood of a car on a hot summer day.
You won't run across a Hannibal Lecter. You will rarely find someone who will pull the trigger. They are free agents moving through their day, capitalizing on any one dumb enough to think that every one has the same principles as themselves. Sociopath's are just looking for someone like you to grease the skids on their free ride through life.
And lying their ass off about any thing and everything.  My mother denied her crime to me during the phone call that led me to go NC, and I was there when they killed the guy. I was asleep during the murder, but I was awake after they got back from dumping his body and listened to her and the guy talking about how to clean up all the blood.  I have all the newspaper clippings of her arrest and prosecution.
Call people on their shit!
Call them on their shit, and they turn as dumb and harmless as the village idiot.
They count on bowling you over with their boorish and pushy behavior. They will press you, and hustle you, and jack you left and right, for as long as you let them.
Stand up to them. Back them off and down, and they fold up like paper tigers.
I rant on only because I want you to know.  High end NPD's are sociopath's.
 I am talking about mothers who get the most exhilarating high from sleeping with a husband's friend. Sleeping with their friend's husbands. 
And then after, dropping hints all over to make sure every one is pretty sure something isn't right. But never enough hints to get a handle on exactly what this person has been up to this time.
All while living off the blood of some poor slob that trudges off to work each day thinking his betrothed waits patiently for his return.
If you think it doesn't happen, think again. It happens everyday. I am describing my mother. To a T.
And I would like you and yours  to be somewhere else when they do what they do.  Even if somewhere else means being away from family members.
I don't know why this guy from sociopath world pisses me off so much. Maybe in a way I see a sort of  natural beauty in the remorseless hedonism of a sociopath. Like the efficiency of sharks and their single-minded hunger for survival. Guys like the one on "Sociopath World" just take up space with all their nauseating posturing and  pops and whistles that add up to nothing.  
Harpy Eagle or Alaskan Wolfe. Jaysus. Shut the fuck up.


vicariousrising said...


Rule #1 for sociopaths: never tell anyone you're a sociopath.

Q, you're right, that person's a silly wannabe trying to come off as a tough guy. Ridiculous.

q1605 said...

Just for the record, all that plain type was from the person who posted on sociopath world. Ignore the font size change. Me and my computer were having a cut and paste smack down and the computer won.
Yeah VR. By god he takes no prisoners when he saddles up next to the water cooler. Go whack some guy and get the FBI on your ass. THEN gimme a call

Linda Tremaine said...

Loved your post. I'd adore having your instinct on how to tell a sociopath from a wannabe. The limited experience I have confirms your observations. I agree. Most are looking for hosts to attach to to live the parasitic life. Well done!

q1605 said...

Thanks. I took the liberty of adding a link to your site on there. If it's not OK let me know.
I don't know if I possess any natural instinct. I just lived around one so long that some people give me the creeps and the ones that do end up being one off.

vicariousrising said...

Just wondering -- how is it that you've determined your mother is merely (ha!) a sociopath and not a psychopath? It seems to me she qualifies for the big bad.

I think my mother straddles the sociopath line. She's wished people dead, but she fears getting caught too much to do anything on large scale. If she thought she could get away with it, I think she would. I have a suspicion she might be responsible for the SIDS death of an infant sibling's of hers when she was a child, although I have no evidence except bad vibes. I think the only reason I escaped that was that she was still convinced she would be a perfect mother when I was born (and I was a reasonably well-behaved infant). But it might be my imagination running away from me. However, she did have my brother convinced I was trying to kill him -- projection or stirring up the triangulation pot. I think a bit of both.

I'd love it if you stopped by my new blog. I'm trying it out and would love feedback.

q1605 said...

I always heard the two terms were interchangeable. I am flexible. Psychopath. Sociopath. Bat shit lunatic. All I know is to not turn your back on them because they'll knife you.
If you got as blog starting up I'm there.
About the barbarian. That's my blog name for my mother. She has been a bad girl in more ways than I have disclosed here. But I am still working the A roll footage.
I am convinced that no bullshit NPD's have one foot in socio/psychopathy and the other on a banana peel.

vicariousrising said...

"...the other on a banana peel."

Oh my god, you so nailed the visual. Thank you. I now have a hilarious image in my head of my mother windmilling her arms as she slides across the floor. Priceless. I think you've de-fanged her!