Thursday, April 19, 2012

Born under a bad Sign

Calling a personality disordered person an enigma, is to call Van Gogh monochromatic. Mean, ornery, and cantankerous are for the readers of Dickens. Words can not capture the twist of the personality disordered.
The world has been populated with greedy and entitled people since we came down from the trees. Those that take in a way that adds needless suffering to others, and take without remorse, are beyond the grasp of people in touch with any sort of humanity.
The world exists only in their eyes and is exists only to serve them. Insulated and isolated, they feel nothing. Care for no one. Their only endeavor is thinking of new ways to exploit.
Few people are luckless enough to know someone like this. History will remember a Stalin. But the less ambitious live hidden in the quiet folds of desolate families. They will never be known for their abominations.
PD's enforce edicts on the obligated in a reciprocal vacuum. Forcing themselves into the hub of a family, they shed misery down each spoke like an over greased wheel. They rule with an iron hand,  and use guilt to run roughshod over the peace and dignity of those with a conscience..
I will never understand the black morbidity of my mother's soul. Her spirituality of crime, chaos, and insanity. And the irony of knowing she knows what she is. If she were unaware of her defect, she would not bully those around her into artificial compliance.

In her wake our family has been destroyed. Our good name indelibly soiled. Lives ruined and any legacy hoarded and squandered.
*In my darkest hour I knelt and yelled at the heavens and asked,
"Why god? Why me?"
And the thundering voice of god answered.
There's just something about you that pisses me off."*
*Stephen King*


vicariousrising said...

So..... my question to you is: have you written her obituary yet?

q1605 said...

I Have to figure out the method I wi.....
I don't know what she will die from.

Tundra Woman said...

Well, now that we know, the cause of death was Unrequited Cunti-ness.
In other words, they die the way they lived. PLEASE take it from those of us who've been through the whole friggin' mess. NC NOW!!!
q, you don't have to post this, yk? I'm just doin' a Community Service for newbies ;)

q1605 said...

Huh you talking to me?