Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's not what they call you. It's what you answer to.

I am amazed at malignant narcissists and their win at all cost approach to life. Even with nothing to win, the  struggle wages on in their mind. Long after every one else has folded up and gone home.
There can be no winners in their grab for power, only varying degrees of loss.
For them. For whom they engage. For the innocent that get caught up in their lunacy. For everyone who is forced to come in contact with the narcissist.
And still they fight. Grasping at straw logic. Babbling in some tongue only they can decipher. 
Down they go, gurgling like DeNiro at the end of Cape Fear.
Sit back and watch them unravel.
"I know you are but what am I."
Their final call to arms.
Even as they melt into primordial narcissistic jabbering oblivion, we are supposed to treat them with the respect they give no one. Handle them with kid gloves. Walk around them on tippy toes. Treat them like royalty surrounded by egg shells lest they get their fragile feelings hurt.
All while they blast us with that Howitzer mouth. So intent on having the last word it matters not if any one can understand.
"I'm rubber and you're glue and ......hey come back here and listen to ... hey! I said come back!"
"That's what I thought." "Can't fight my razor's edge logic and my size 27 clown shoes can ya?"
Then, like a cat who just had the hair on his ass bitten off by the dog, they stroll on, checking to see if anyone saw.


q1605 said...

Sorry anonymous. I changed titles and you posted your comment on the first one so here it is.
Yes so true they have to win at all costs! I have decided to go from LC to NC with my NM. She has gone batshit crazy! She has said and done many things in the past to hurt me badly but this last time she used my son to hurt me and didn't give a damn about his feelings at all. One little gem she told my son was that she had prayed for his dad to die!She has always resented my husband because she can't control him. When I decided that I wasn't going to be her scapegoat anymore she blamed him. I feel very hurt and betrayed by NM but will be much better off not being around her toxic BS! Using my son the way she did proves that no matter who she has to hurt or mow down to get her N supply it's worth it to her! There is no line she won't cross and nobody is safe from her crazy!

upsi said...

Even if winning means having a password protected tumbleweed nobody but yourself reads where you rant about things only you give two shits about. Winning indeed!

Anonymous said...

I was writing earlier today that to take offense is as bad or worse than giving offense. And to take offense at something you are assuming it is about you, most of the time stuff is not about you. But the problem with narcissists is they think everything is about them so they take offense at everything.


q1605 said...

People all have their own perspective. Anyone with a negative self-image is more likely to take comments as an attack.

q1605 said...

First anonymous. If your narcissist has no qualms about crossing that line, you owe it to your child to go no contact.
You hope time will mellow them, but they just get worse.

vicariousrising said...

Love this title.

I'm so glad I've gone no contact. I feel a little better every day, even the days I feel like I am on automatic. I am so glad that my fellow ACONs helped me see that any sort of interaction with a narcissist puts me in their twisted game where the only way I don't lose is if I don't play.

It is sooooo true that the narcissist sees suspicion, negative remarks and threats in every corner. Like the world revolves around them.

q1605 said...

Yeah sis. It go's both ways. You talk of something extraordinarily good, and they take responsibility. And if you say boo, they rage and sulk.
Our mother would claim she wrote the declaration of independence except that would give away her real age.