Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daily Strength Part Deux

To the members of Daily Strength, I AM claiming my mother is a genocidal dictator.
Good folk of christian nations are unable to conceive of a specimen like her.
Not a "mother" that flies in the face of their Christian teachings.
"Mother" will never be the female equivalent of sperm donor. They will never drop the projection of their own morals onto others. Especially not when it comes to the mothering instinct.
In their world, when a mother is shown that whoring and killing is not the order of the day, a light bulb appears over the head of the lunatic, and it's time to break for lunch.
Unless your story has been made into an Oprah afternoon special,  people like me do not exist.
Not in real life.
I  am Bigfoot to them.
There are no neighbor's or friend's that are living in a house like the one I speak of.
People like me are Eskimo's living above the arctic circle, or have vans full of social workers headed their way.
This is America.
I will sleep well tonight because I just know that for those poor kids........Help is on the way.
It's all about "them", and "those people."
Who ever gets left behind should bootstrap it to the same socio-economic level as they enjoy.
And people like me should thank god for presenting me with the unique challenge that other kids didn't get.
Like overcoming the challenge of having a fucking totally insane person for a mother, a person that should have been sent to prison and never been seen or heard from again, would be one of those challenges that god's puts before us to prompt us to rise to the occasion.
That's easy to say bitch.
Munching little bits of toasty wost and jammy squirts, all waiting to viddy the next c-span ultra violence wrapped in your blanketed snoggy wog and comfort of your home.
It's the human detritus hour and Oprah never disappoints!

My mother did what she wanted to do because she wanted to do it.
I have lived with it since the day I was born.
And I will live it long after she is gone.


Kara said...

This variety of "marshmallow" christians living in their world of flowers and birds just cracks me up. I bet even the Bible offends them, because let's face it, the Bible makes no bones about the fact that people like your mother have always been around, off the top of my head I can think of a few: Delilah, Jezebel, Athaliah (she had all of her grandchildren killed -in case they took the throne away from her- some "lovely" grandmother, hey) and let's not forget Herodias and her daughter and Berenice. Some pieces of work they were. So why it should be so hard for those "christians" to see that these types of women exist today is beyond me. To say that you should be grateful of this challenge is such an "unchristian" thing to say , but wait, the Bible has examples of people like that too: Job's comforters, God wasn't too impressed with them either.
All I can say is those people don't want the truth, can't cope with it and wouldn't recognise it even if it jumped up in front of them and said hello.

vicariousrising said...

I love love love this post.

q1605 said...

People that identify with sites like Daily Strength are why my mother walked on her murder charge.
It's just not right to tear a family apart, no matter what.
So send children back to their doom and call yourself a christian.
Why don't you leave your husband alone with her and go shopping for a couple of hours?
That's what I thought.

Tundra Woman said...

Where oh WHERE were these oh-so-"Christian" folk when I was growing up? I guess their ilk are the current equivalent of those "Bitches In Black," the nuns aka abusers of my youth. I coulda been "SAVED"!
"Born Agains" on the loose? "Christians-Gone-Wild"/ gonna save our souls? Go visit Anna V's Blog, "Narcissists Suck" and argue scripture there if you're so inclined.
Otherwise, no thanks. Psychobitch may have been a bone-bustin' bathtub drownin' POS but I managed to "loose" her.
So if we have a van load of them headin' in my direction I'll put out the word: They'll be "disappeared" just like we "disappear" child molesters and other "undesirables" from the community. No muss, no fuss, never seen or heard from it again.
Our dogs eat well!

Anonymous said...

I thought they were familiar with types like her, they call it the Devil. Do they like to hang with the devil, lol?


Anonymous said...

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q1605 said...

I went ahead and put the comment above through.

Those guys from Daily Strength just won't give it a rest will they?

vicariousrising said...

Don't these dumb asses realize that their nasty comments and weird links only drives more traffic to our sites? Heck, internet flaming is great for business here.

Way to go in helping educate the world about the behaviors and evils of the estranged parent/narcissist!