Monday, July 23, 2012

Daughter is 22 and has sex!

Adela Alba
I saw this on DS and thought of you. 
Despite all of this, my 18 y/o does minimal tasks around the house, like feed & water the dogs & cats, and keep her own room & bathroom clean. She can't even do those little things that are expected of her, even though i'm sick. I get tired of asking over & over or reminding, and I do yell sometimes. So, last week, she forgets to load the dishwasher for the 3rd day in a row & I yell at her, & she yells & curses back. When I remove her internet access, she says that's the last straw, throws her car keys down, says to keep the car so she doesn't have to pay for the insurance, and has a friend drive her to my elderly mother, (who enables their bad choices by letting them stay) where she is now.

Feeding the dog and washing the dishes doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. 

And check this out. 

at 22-- she complained about feeling trapped in her life, but would do nothing constructive to move her life forward---she became sexually promiscuous and went through one guy who was using her and then met one in Starbucks, where she said she had to go to write her school papers--"the only place" she could work. This one is pretty much a low life, and she spends her time drinking. 



Lisa said...

What a psycho bitch!

q1605 said...

Isn't she?! I left out a bunch of stuff that makes her look even more unstable.

Check it out.

Tundra Woman said...

Excuse me, but at 22 your "kid's" sex-life is their business and so is their choice of partners.
If you treat your "kid" like the dog, is it any wonder the "kid" has given up doing anything? If ya want the dog to do the pre-wash "correctly," put the damn dishes on the floor.

q1605 said...

Her child is a promiscuous drunk. And she didn't even post her phone number.

Tundra Woman said...

If psychob was alive that would be one of her "kinder" observations of me, the oldest-girl-in-my-generation virgin who would have A drink with Dad before dinner on our Sun. "forays."
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Psychob was just cracking open her next gallon of wine which resulted in a guaranteed outcome when I returned from "visiting" Dad: More "whine" and wine-enfused rage and cross-examination.
But it was WINE you see, so it was "Ladylike" and "Socially Acceptable."
Please pass the Boone's Farm or Mateus.

q1605 said...

And since it comes in a box it fits well in the fridge.

Adela Alba said...

Whee, I'm late to the party, but daaaaamn. They ought to be impressed she keeps her room and bathroom clean, that's way more than I can say for E-Sis...

And ugh, what is with these people and dishes?

Thank goodness my NM never butted into my sex life. I got handed a book about where babies come from and that was that.