Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flock of ANA Seagull's

Good day.
And may GOD'S peace be with you.
I am the Reverend Kerry Dababi and the host of this blog is allowing me to speak here in an attempt to ease  the tension and senseless attacking of face book healers.
These conduit's of healing are infinitely talented. 
Much more so than you.
 Copying your work allows sites like Michelle's ANA to spread the word.
The word that counts. 
I say unto you

Can Michelle not embrace your words as hers and all just get along.
What is lost on the source blogger is that it matters not if they receive citation for their work.
It matters not if a link to the source is given.
It matters not if the person borrowing the content passes it off as their own.

What matters is that the word gets out.
The healing word of the apostle. 
It matters that people receive affirmation in their life.
It matters if these befuddled victims are emboldened to take charge of their life.
LEAVE their abusive dates and give their hearts and souls over to the almighty lord.
And to Michelle of the ANA.
Michelle ANSWERS to this higher power.
She humbly HANDS her heart and soul over to her maker and becomes his agent walking the earth.
She ACTS on his behalf.
To deny and MOCK MICHELLE is to mock our LORD AND SAVIOR.
SHE has all the rights and duties here.
As if she sat NEXT to the LORD on his THRONE
Addressing Michelle IS to ADDRESS GOD!
The WORD of MICHELLE'S shall NOT be questioned on this earth.
HER WORD is just as his...
Hallelujah and Amen?
Can I get an AMEN?
HISTORY! is replete with  those that QUESTION the hands of an angry GOD!
I say WOE to the those of little FAITH.
Those that embrace FALSE prophets.
Those that REJECT Michelle and her divine WORDS.
For THEY shall PERISH from this earth.
Mark this very day and remember.
This day is the day you cleave your life in two.
That one day you were able to come into Michelle's light.
Embrace her powers.
And the next you turned your back on the sun that is Michelle.
Chose to never again experience her beatific grace.
You unbelieving abdominal murderers and whore mongers.
TAKE the mark of the beast.
Embrace it.
Be cast into the LAKE OF FIRE.
Be tormented DAY AND NIGHT!
Michelle will extinguish your filthy ways.
You of the mark of the beast.
You and the whores you lay down with.
Michelle hating demonic sacrilegious unholy heathens.
That Michelle allows you to breath her air on her earth.
 You should crawl to her on your knees and wash her feet.
You make me want to VOMIT until my toenails fly out of my MOUTH.


HA HA Fuck you dizzy bitch!


Lisette said...

To deny Michelle is to mock God! Amen! Beware the wrath of the almighty Michelle for she hath leadeth her befuddled victims on a campaign of fear, hatred and vengeance. And Lo, after narcissistic abuse, the befuddled victims hath come into Michelle's darkness and embraced her malignancy. Can I hear a Baaaa! Louder now! Baaaa!!!

May the god of REALITY torment their diseased souls. Forever more. Amen!

Lisette said...

Reality AND a flock of rabid homosexual vultures!

q1605 said...


Tundra Woman said...

That's the crux of the problem: You undermine your own credibility when you steal from others. This behavior speaks to the lack of ethics/morals/values of the thief.
What would normally be an easily remediated situation is anything BUT when you're dealing with a Narc. How dare you call them out on their obvious crap! Good luck getting over on an AC: We grew up with this, had no way to escape our abusers and can spot these tactics in a heartbeat or less.

q1605 said...

All the mighty Michelle had to do was cite her sources.
I really don't have a dog in this fight. I don't think I can get my method to fight N's (telling them to suck it) copyrighted but I have sworn myself to fight these leeches.
Until I can find a way to target the Barbarian in a way that doesn't involve prison time I will have to settle for the likes of Michelle.

Nyssa said...

BTW, what happened to Lisette's blog? I try it and it's set to private. I hope this whole argument had nothing to do with it. :P

q1605 said...

I don't know. I e-mailed her a couple of weeks ago and got no answer.

Nyssa said...

I barely got a chance to go through everything on her blog and see what's there and it was suddenly gone. :P