Saturday, September 22, 2012

Link from Sis.

oldest galaxy

Sis sent me a link to an article about astronomers finding the oldest galaxy in existence. At least in the universe as we know it. There is a comment thread after and some genius added this later. When I use the word genius, I use it in all sincerity. This guy personified this galaxy perfectly and it makes me think of malignant narcissists and how they age.
Click on the word "thread" to go to the article.

"It's the Great grand father galaxy, it's children have left it in the Cosmic nursing home, the children Galaxies hung around for awhile then stopped revolving around it, now they are getting as far away from it as they can. It's a bitter galaxy, hot tempered and unpredictable.and stares out of it's universe at the other universes with malaise and regret and wonderment. Often it thinks back to the black hole it dated and how it would have worked out had the vortex not always trying to change it. Sure it was attracted to the beautiful spinning Siren, the Galaxy never stop wanting to be near it, but the vortex wanted to make it something that it wasn't and the galaxy went on ward. Now alone in the crowd, it waits, but for what? That is the question we all ask."


Tundra Woman said...

Thanks for this link, Sis. The pix are beautiful, the comments insightful-in many ways! ;) (I love this stuff-my screensaver is The Universe.)
Re: Our NPs
" waits, but for what? That is the question we all ask."
IMO, for the next opportunity to prey on their off spring. Meanwhile, they're busy making arrangements for their demise (if they can't figure out a way to ensure our's first) and writing a bogus obit.
"Malaise"? Maybe overtly, but their minds are still plotting and planning revenge on their ingrate off-spring, if not in their life time then post death in a document called a Will.
"Regret"? Never. They are the perennial victims.
"Wonderment"? No, outrage at the audacity of their AC's for calling them on their crap and walking/running as far away from them as possible.

There is no ambient light where I live. At night (especially on a cold winter night) I look up at the stars and realize I'm seeing light from stars that died millions (minimally) of years ago. I find that so comforting, somehow: What ever ails in my insignificant "world" will "die" also, including me. And that's just as it should be.
At least it won't be the result of Psychob's "efforts."
The comfort is in knowing she was not successful in destroying me.

Anonymous said...

that comment is so awesome, "now they are getting as far away from it as they can."


Tundra Woman said...

Isn't it? And putting the pieces together is also so validating. Ex: q didn't know the BS the Barbarian was putting out about the "Rent" and the apartment until you mentioned it. And yes, the more you can share experiences, IMO the clearer the picture becomes. You both seem to be the exception to sibling relationships with MN "Parents." FWIW, I so much enjoy "seeing" you speak back and forth. My sense is you were the "Mom" to him. And how difficult it must have been for you to find your own way (being older) during the '60's, all the huge social changes and leaving him to go to Calif.
I hope some time you'll tell your side of what happened for you as well. No doubt, you were Parentified beyond belief. And my sense is you must have felt so many conflicting feelings between getting on with your own life and leaving q with gma.
Again, thanks. A great find, manifestly and latently.

upsi said...

I live vicariously through the q and sis sibling phenom, my younger brother and I are fractured shrapnel in the wake of nm's tornado of self-absorption. It's so cool to see you two going strong in the rightful alliance that is siblingry.

Tundra Woman said...

So Sis, can you or will you step forward? Because it appears more than just one would like to hear your experience?
If you're up to it at some time. If not, that's fine as well. Many of us have sibs. It's clearly not us individually that lived through this stuff. We may not agree on all aspects/experiences but that's understandable-we were at different ages/stages of life during this craziness.
Besides, we had roles and reasons for playing them. My sense is you were "Mom's Confident," floppy hat, mini-skirt and all.