Sunday, September 16, 2012

Narc mother's are like that little white speck on top of chicken shit.

Why did the enabling father cross the road?

Because he couldn't get his dick out of the chicken.

Wa! Wah!


Tundra Woman said...

If he had any sense, he would have stuck with the ol' reliable: "Choke The Chicken." Or "Jimmy the Johnson." No cost, no fuss, no muss, reliable, "handy," works every time.
Satisfaction guaranteed. ;)

q1605 said...

Don't I know it.

upsi said...

Good one, Q. I read it out loud to DH and he goes, I don't get it. I said, you know, cause he's fuckin the chicken. The lightbulb went on.

It's funny cause it's true.