Saturday, October 13, 2012

Looks like what drives me crazy Don't have no effect on you--

Crazy people are the shit sandwich of the world. And we all have to take a bite. The crazy are ubiquitous and possess an unending zest to smear themselves on everyone. They are the virus that attaches themselves to unsuspecting hosts. Like small pox they are the grim reapers infecting the indigenous and engulfing the new world.
Crazy and contagious.
Illogical and irrational.
I prefer my crazy out in the open.
Where I can see it coming. If I can see crazy I can step aside. Let it roar past me like an amphetamine crazed trucker coming home unannounced to find Sancho holding his wife's ankles akimbo.
I'll take that before I ride captive in crazies back seat.
Catching the crazy over spray, from their crazy sneezes, blowing back in my face from their open crazy window.
Long after humans are instinct, anthropologists from some successive and unimaginable species, will find our fossil signature below a thin band of dumb fuck sediment wherever rocks formed in this age are exposed.  Scratching their heads and wondering what catastrophe could be responsible for taking a thriving species to extinction in a few short years. The dumb fuck boundary.
Crazy people are dumb.
They are represented as crafty mind fuckers in Hollywood psychodramas, but take it from me, they are just plain old dumb fuckery dumb. I lived with two crazy people and it is unrelenting boredom.
It's a shake down from a five year old.
It's a neighbor watching with binoculars and scribbling illegible notes about your habits to report you for breaking laws that exist in their mind only.
Illogical tales.
Improbable stories spinning from a five year old that can't keep his lies straight. Writhing in his chair denying himself a piss for fear of missing out on the clever mind fucking drama he subjects you to.
Save it for someone else crazy person. I can get that kind of entertainment feeding popcorn to a mouse and analyzing the acoustical properties of it's farts.
So if you want.
Go sit by the person wrapped in yellow crazy crime tape.
You paid for your ride just like me.
But I'll be blending in at the back of the bus.
Next to Napoleon.


Jonsi said...

"Crazy people are dumb.
They are represented as crafty mind fuckers in the latest Hollywood psychodrama, but take it from me, they are just plain old dumb fuckery dumb."

I don't know what to do with this brilliance, other than just put it in my comment box with quotes around it and say...dude, this is fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

are you sure it was only 2 crazy people? I think about the past and I can't count them all.
To paraphrase Sixth Sense, "I see crazy people".


Tundra Woman said...

Ah! And that yellow tape? Look closely-it says "Crime Scene" repeatedly.
Nothin' like gettin' tased secondary to proximity to the "yellow tape."
Yellow="Caution" on street lights, likewise on the roads of our lives. You run the yellow light, someone will jack-rabbit you right into a T-Bone.
Such are the risks of ignoring "Caution." You might escape unscathed this time, but over time you up the statistical probability you won't.

vicariousrising said...

I was just thinking about your statement that you don't trust people who can't use the word fuck, and I realized the only swear word I ever heard my mother utter was "bitch", which was referring to me or my sister (and maybe her sister, my aunt), and no one else.

Weird. Do you suppose narcissists are too haloed to dirty their mouths with cuss words?

q1605 said...

I think you are exactly right VR. It's one more brick in the fake wall they present to others.

upsi said...

the dumbfuck boundary. that's all that will be left.

reminds me of that movie Idiocracy.

I'm with you preferring my crazy out front - fuck the smoke and mirrors.