Friday, November 9, 2012

Psychobabble today.

"The fact is, that most psychologists and other respectable people have escaped from their moral chains and are able to observe and think freely."
G. Brock Chisholm

Oh! to live in the rarefied air 
of the psychologist!

 Far above the maladjusted thought process 
 that keeps the unwashed in neanderthal bondage,
Unfettered, the psychologist flees the impulse
prompting those beneath them 
 to sniff the asses of their brethren
 and fling feces at the neighbor.

  In the beginning, psychology was the domain of Sigmund Freud. Siggie was a pontificating, starched, cigar smoking, pantie waist, who saw women as phallus sucking whores, aching to revisit the 12 year old self and grind their steaming snatches on the quivering crotch of their long suffering fathers. When it was pointed out to Sigmund, that his ever present cigar was more dick like than any of the objects he alleged his patients used as subliminal cock proxies, he stated that sometimes, "a cigar is just a cigar."  Freud offered no empirical data to back his fraught with kink theories, and countered detractors with the notion that his suppositions were too complicated to be tested.
God must have thought a lot of Freud. He was provided safe passage to London before secular Nazi's could get their oven mitts on him.

Later there were behaviorists. Those who foolishly thought that theory should be based on observable actions, methodically studied, measured, and mathematically computable leading to relevant data that might prove a causal relationship between stimulus, and how the mind reacts to this stimulus.
Alas, there is no money in sound science, and this phase passed like a turnip seed through Oprah's Winfrey's pumpkin sized bilge pipe.

Today the psych industry has pulled back hard from science. Scores of self help books line the shelves of Wal-Mart. Psychologists get rich charging thousands to tell you how and where to tap certain places with your fingertips to achieve an earthbound nirvana.
If you can find a book with theory that is backed by science, it will be found in the occult and paranormal activity's section.
And I know a Korean chick that'll tap me for fifty bucks.

In 1960, 14% of the population had utilized some form of psychological counselling. It was in the days of Eisenhower, and people were feeling the squeeze of a big brother like fist around their necks and wallets. They would deal with their issues in house. There would be no outsourcing of mental health by the greatest generation. They had Pabst Blue Ribbon and Patsy Cline.

  By 1995, the percentage of those feeling the need to empty their attic with help from the grocery clerks of the medical profession rose to about half 50 percent. Something about all that cocaine and disco in the 70's took us to a place that no one came back from.
All we were needing was to be held. To just be held. And in ever increasing numbers.

Predictions are that soon, four out of five people in the general population will have received some form of psychological therapy. One look at reality television will bear me out. No survey needed.
There are still a few scholars and disciplined practitioners, but they are over shadowed by peddlers of too good to be true therapies that advertise their products in the wee hours of the morning.

Certain of their superior intellect, therapists feel that there is a therapeutic solution to all of life's pains. And  no therapy is too ludicrous to be disregarded. Especially not theirs.
Tapping. Acu- puncture. Green tea enema's, Equine Assisted Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Critical Incident Debriefing, and the Chicken Foot Prance.  CFP is a therapy involving a  shaman with a bone in his nose, and plate in his lip, ritualistically chanting while waving a mummified chicken foot on a machete over the mid section of a large breasted virgin as the clock strikes mid-night.....  ...OK I just made that one up. But I really do think acu-puncture is tantamount to Voo-Doo. They just cut out the middle man. (read doll)
And all are considered a legitimate and nutritious part of a board certified mental health breakfast.

Is there any reservation from practitioners with little or no scientific training?
Not from a profession that works up a treatment plan by watching Fear Factor.
A fly in a blueberry muffin. A tiny toy penis on a co-workers desk. That's all that is needed for a psychologist to declare the observer a "victim" and a chronic PTSD sufferer.

A government study focused on patients with recovered memories of repressed childhood sexual abuse, found that ten percent of the group had experienced suicidal ideation before the onset of therapy. Three years later, 67% of the group had expressed suicidal thoughts. Most had lost their jobs and half had marital breakdowns.
The psychology industry, and make no mistake, it is an industry, will never acknowledge that they impoverish their clients and wreck lives. Nor will they cite the statistics that shows talking things out with friends and family has about the same success rate as relying on the professionals. It is an industry only concerned with protecting it's own interests and expanding it's market and influence. Therapy today is in the hands of a mongrel horde of profiteering wallet mongers, that suggestively bend a diagnosis around a CPT code to facilitate reimbursement by insurance companies.
The industry is wheels within wheels, all going round and round and round.
 Creating drama where drama already exists.

Psychologists have become the ambulance chasers of the 21st century.

Society is now monitored by a force of vigilant sensitivity police, telling us what is the proper emotion to feel and when it is proper to feel it. There is no lack of "expert" therapists, self esteem educators, grief councilors, traumatologists, all prompting us to take a 24/7 reading of the smallest negative thought, so we can thoroughly vent each and every one of our feelings till everyone around us wants to puke.

It has become a patch work of maverick hucksters, doling out an amalgam of brained stormed therapies based on errors in logic, popular myths, and misguided personal beliefs. Practitioners purchase credentials (don't confuse the word credentialed with competent) from a licensing board created in the 50's to keep the fate of the industry out of the hands of real medical health care providers that wanted to reign in the rogue nature of the industry. The providers of psychology knew they were going the way of the buggy whip and formed their own licensing boards to authenticate their industry, create monopolies, and qualify themselves for third party payments. Licensing was never intended to protect the public. It was all for self preservation. Certification is the quickest way for unrecognized professions to achieve parity with traditional practices.
Psych boobs are no exception.
It's about looking professional and getting paid.

To hedge their bets some psychologists align themselves with Eastern religion. 

And what great in roads to a more evolved society can we thank our friendly psychologist for?
Receptionist's are now called director's of first impressions.
Bus drivers are called transporter's of learners.
Manufacturers of ink pens now sell more purple pens than red, because teachers don't want to stigmatize youth with a sea of red ink..

Does the psychology industry manufacture victims?
Does the the tin man have a sheet metal dick?

There are three kinds of people that seek therapy.
Real victims in real psychological distress. Those that are trying to deal and cope with real trauma and abuse.
There are those that fake illness for myriad reasons. For attention or as a party to a frivolous law suit.
And there is what is known as synthetic patients.
Synthetic patients are those that present with a possible troubling history that can be molded, edited, and modified into an experience to solidify a diagnosis that is lucrative to the therapist.
Psychologists are chumming the waters of their practice by pathologizing reasonably normal feelings into a disorder that requires professional treatment.

The demand for psychotherapy keeps pace with the supply, and at times one has the uneasy feeling that the supply may be creating the demand...Psychotherapy is the only form of treatment which appears to create the illness it treats.
Jerome Frank

 If the psychotherapy industry is not hell bent on expanding the market for their services. If they are not looking to saturate this niche at every possible juncture. Then who coined the word co-victimization. Co-victimization is knowing someone that has been abused and/or needs therapy and this entitles you as a third party witness, to the same therapy and legal redress? Who advocates that a wolf whistling construction worker be charged with sexual assault rather than harassment?
Who would reap the benefits from the expert testimony needed to provide learned council the appropriate interpretation to determine if this action did indeed rise to the level of an actual assault.
If you are thinking a psychologist, you can move to the head of the class.
The saddest part of a psychologists aggressive manufacturing of pathology, is that the people they are claiming to fight for will be the biggest losers.  Women account for more than two thirds of the people seeking therapy. Women that have been working for their own sense of independence and self fulfillment for decades.

I regard psychiatry as fifty percent bunk, thirty percent fraud, ten percent parrot talk, and the remaining ten percent just a fancy lingo for the common sense we have had for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, if we ever had the guts to read it.
~Raymond Chandler

Never lose sight of the huge amount of money that has been invested in promoting the acceptance of  a psychological approach as the cure for all that ails society. Issues that will not stand on their own merit. Issues that would be long forgotten with out an intense campaign to keep them and their practitioners in the forefront of our collective consciousness.
Campaigns that are full of the junk food of language. Buzz words that provide their cause an air of mystic plausibility. Words that are the means for people to talk about themselves and not really say a thing.
Words that provide ego-syntonic reinforcement to hucksters.

Man kind did not get to where we are now by allowing a select group of people to tell us what to think.
Being told what to think is exactly what the psychology driven life demands. Leave autonomy and self determination at the door. And trade one life of quiet desperation for another.
One waits in vain for psychologists to state the limits of their knowledge.
Noam Chomsky


mulderfan said...

The Freud paragraph is a classic!

I saw a psychiatrist for three and a half years. Part way through, I realized he never really said a thing. Finally, having been told my entire life by the NPs that I was headed to the funny farm, I screwed up the courage to ask, "So am I insane?"

His reply was, "No, you're just stressed out from spending your life surrounded by assholes." Then, he took out his prescription pad.

I refused the pills but in retrospect I've wondered what they were. Something lethal to rid me of the assholes would be the only thing that really makes sense. We parted ways shortly after and, thanks to socialized medicine, I still owned my house.

I've had way better luck with addiction councilors and AA friends. They've simply kicked my ass and told me to drop the self-pity and take charge of my own life, thereby giving me the balls to symbolically "kill" the assholes by kicking them outta my life.

Thanks for this one Q. I'm still laughing about Siggie and the oven mitts!

vicariousrising said...

Did a shrink pee in your cornflakes? I'm thinking I'm glad I'm not in that profession ;)

q1605 said...

I'm tired of people reading "I'm OK, You"re OK" over their lunch hour and analyzing and diagnosing me.

mulderfan said...

Q, I fucking love you just the way you are!

q1605 said...

Thanks luv. One down. Seven billion to go.

Karen A. Placek said...

Thanks for all of your encouragement that you have given to me. Both of you have been the main source of what has given me the strength to continue. Please, should you wish, I would love to know that you also gave me a thumbs up on the site I mentioned. I know that we may not know one another but I feel as if the support that we are able to give to each other means so much, at least it really means so much to me. Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.

Much love, if that is alright to say,


November 10, 2012 8:28 AM

q1605 said...

I went over there right away and gave you a big thumbs up.
And it is most definitely alright to say and I am sending mine right back to you.

Karen A. Placek said...

Thanks so much,