Monday, December 24, 2012

Like a Bridge over Troubled Water

A mathematical expression of the frequency resonance
between periodic high and low
Barbaric tantrum activity.
Delta's in brackets
quantify the consumption of .99 cent six packs of beer
and pickled eggs
by fat sweaty construction workers
to the varying distance between bar-stools and parking lots
containing station wagons with sleeping bags and pillows.
It correlates the probability of discovery by current cuckholded husband
based on the frequency of past discovery
episodic ruination of holiday cheer for every one witnessing
shameless histrionics and domestic violence.
Fuck you mom!

My mother made our holidays a special time for us!


Tundra Woman said...

Don't forget "Pickup" Trucks with "bed liners" and "caps" so everyone can be right comfortable, eh?
I doubt The Barbarian found herself in too many Lincoln's or Mercedes. Leather or Vinyl, all the same to her.
It's so nice to have drama-free Holidays. For years I dreaded them and now I actually ENJOY them. I have so much to be thankful for and right at the top of my "List" is Psychob's death and finally accepting reality and terminating the relationship when I did. It'd would have been a long, long indescribably hell-on-earth "wait" if I continued to try to manage the next 18 yrs. with her in my life in ANY "Capacity."
Sometimes I'll think of some event and wonder how I even survived-really. I'm not being dramatic, just factual.
And as we all know, they DON'T get better with "age." If anything they get worse. Just my observation/experience.

q1605 said...

I am still getting used to drama free. If you are used to eating dinner with a live grenade it's hard to quit flinching every time two glasses clink together.