Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The meaning of life.

By god I found it. The meaning of life. Too bad it's written in Korean.

스윙 바이(swing-by)란 우주 탐사선의 항법 중 하나로, 여러 행성의 인력을 이용하여 항로를 변경한다. 즉 우주선이 목성같은 큰 행성의 궤도를 지날 때 행성의 인력에 끌려 들어가다 '바깥으로 튕겨져 나가듯' 속력을 얻는 것을 말한다. 다른 행성으로 가는 제일 안정적인 방법이었던 호만 궤도보다 더 발전된 형태인데, 호만 궤도보다 더 빠른 시간에 목적지에 도착할 수 있다. 예를 들어 보이저 탐사선의 경우 목성에서 스윙바이를 하면 자동차가 주유소에서 연료를 얻는 것과 같은 개념이 된다. 다른 말로 '행성궤도 접근통과'라고도 한다.


vicariousrising said...

I love king of the hill! And Beavis & Butthead.

mulderfan said...


q1605 said...

OK Canuckula. You got a better idea?

Gladys said...

HAHAHAHA Canuckula!!

mulderfan said...

I'm thinking Mulderfan may die and Canuckula may rise from the ashes.

What are the odds on my stalker Googling Canuckula?

q1605 said...

Slim and none. And I just saw slim catching a bus out of town.

upsi said...

Dang ole Korean veiling the meaning of life from all us english speakin fools

Tundra Woman said...

Just look at the tag on your clothes: They're all "Hunganese" as my late DH said by 1980. "Made in" Hong Cong, Taiwan, Viet Nam-remember them?-Costa Rica, Puerto Rico ("My heart's devotion, may it sink back in the ocean") and so forth.
"Hand Wash Only" Aka, "Hand Job." "Dry Clean Only" Aka, Gonna cost you more than THIS POS. "Wash and Wear" Aka Wash-'n-Weep, you'll never be able to identify it post Spin Cycle. "Wear and Tear" Aka Sucka! "Use and Dispose" in the closest landfill. With the biohazard material.
AC's have a lot in common with "common" items: "Look GOOD for this family-OR ELSE!" (in the landfill ya go.) "Ohh, a BABY! I WANT ONE!" until you can't return-to-sender or a refund. "But the TAG (ultrasound) SAID it was a BOY/GIRL! I don't WANT THIS ONE!" (sob, snot, drama.) "Durable Goods" meant you could abuse the living crap out of "it" and expect "it" to "last forever" and now, why, those ULBs are LEAVING. In "Record Numbers." (Sez WHO?)
For AC's, this translates into "Get OUT. Unfit for Human Consumption. Explosive. Not as advertised. Side effects may include..(cue Minnie Mouse on meth.) Restrictions may and WILL apply, excise tax not included. See your local "Dealer" for more details.
We're here. Because we've been "THERE."

q1605 said...

Wow. I just looked at the tag on my sweater and it said Well Hunganese.
Go figure.