Sunday, March 31, 2013

goodwin's law


While Godwin’s Law was originally conceived for the Usenet newsgroup discussions, the humorous rule remains just as applicable today in any threaded online discussion, such as message boards, chat rooms, comment threads and wiki talk pages. Since the dawn of online discussions, Godwin’s Law has been used as an indicator of whether a thread has gone on too long, who’s playing fair and who’s just slinging mud and who finally gets to “win” the discussion.


q1605 said...

If I call my ex a Nazi I will be officially through with the topic

Tundra Woman said...

Yk, it's the NTrolls who feel compelled to do a Drive-By-Inappropriate Comment and then revel in all the pot-stirring they've accomplished-or not.
I recall VERY clearly a, ahhh, "Recent" Commenter who vomited all over your site and several other ACoN sites. After awhile, no one was responding-the thread "died" or else the discussion continued completely ignoring the Obnoxious-Looka-Me Comments.
When all the very transparent self-serving attempts to hijack the hell outta any Post weren't "working" despite the increasingly ridiculous Comments, the Commenter's carefully crafted IED blew up.
Hey, when "Nazi" fits, use it.

Texarkana Friend said...

Even Hitler had a loving mother, so why didn't we?


mulderfan said...

Maybe your ex was just following orders. You know, like the SS.

q1605 said...

Tex Friend even serial killers on death row have mothers who love them

Tundra Woman said...

So, what are we waiting for again?
Oh, that's right. "Natural Consequences" beat us to it.