Saturday, May 30, 2015

Do you believe your abusers happiness is more important than your own? By Dr. Tara Palmatier

Do you make her happy?When you become involved with an abusive person, whether she or he is personality disordered (narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder or borderline personality disorder) or just your garden variety self-absorbed bully, aka “Crazy,” it’s quite common to cede your life over to him or her. You will eventually find yourself consumed and hyper-attuned to their needs and emotional states while ignoring your own.
You come to believe that you’re being selfish and unloving if you don’t tap dance and tiptoe around Crazy and cater to her or him on demand. Long-term exposure will warp your beliefs about yourself and relationships, that is if they weren’t warped already by parents who share similarities with Crazy.
In order to remain in a relationship with this kind of person, you have to buy into her or his narrative, at least to some degree, or shut down and detach. Otherwise, the cognitive dissonance would be unbearable. If it’s selfish for you to put your needs ahead of hers, why isn’t she being selfish when she puts her needs ahead of yours every single time?
If you’re considering ending your relationship, but are struggling with guilt, obligation, fear or the misguided belief that what you have with this woman or man is “love,” please consider the following questions.
Do you believe that her wants, needs and feelings are more important than yours? That her hopes and dreams are more meaningful than yours? Especially when she typically does little to nothing to pursue them or gets tired of the sustained effort and half-asses it? Do you believe her fears and grievances are more legitimate and in greater need of immediate redress than yours?
Do you believe it’s your responsibility to cater to her petulant whims and unreasonable expectations and soothe her temper tantrums whenever she wants attention, feels frustrated or diminished in some way? Do you understand why you continue to stay with someone who makes you miserable? With someone you believe is so crazy, unapologetically mean and likely personality disordered that your Google searched led you to this website?
How do you think you’re helping by staying with someone that believes you’re the source of her misery? If you’re each the source of one another’s unhappiness, then what’s keeping you together? Crazy enjoys hurting and blaming others for the consequences of her poor choices and bad behavior. What’s your deal?
Do you see how crazy the whole dynamic is?
If you’ve spent some time researching these issues, you’ve undoubtedly read several articles explaining that personality disorders like BPD (borderline personality disorder), NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), HPD, (histrionic personality disorder) and sociopathy are extremely treatment resistant and are likely to worsen with age. Yet, you persist in wishful thinking and remain in the relationship while you become a shell of a person.
The path to happiness and peace isn’t found moving toward this person. It’s in moving away, far away, from Crazy and her abuse. Healing and making yourself “crazy-proof” means facing and accepting some hard truths — about yourself most of all.
There are some websites that claim practicing “radical acceptance” is a healthy option for the non-disordered and part of the disordered person’s recovery process. I agree. It is pretty radical to accept that you’re doing something noble by tolerating the abuse of a significant other or family member who behaves hatefully toward you on a regular basis with no remorse, or at least not enough remorse to stop behaving hatefully toward you on a regular basis.
Perhaps sacrificing your own needs and rights became a source of pain-pleasure for you as a child. Were you required to give up being a child in order to get your parents’ love? Did your parents invalidate your feelings and tell you cruelty and indifference are love? Maybe making another person happy is one of the only or few things that make you happy, particularly making a person happy who is incapable of being happy.
Do you see the futility in that? Do you see it is its own form of craziness? Each of us is in charge of our own personal happiness. It comes from being at peace with ourselves, not from making someone else jump through hoops or demanding they sacrifice their well-being — and definitely not from being the hoop jumpee and sacrificial goat.
You may hope that if you can make Crazy happy it will fill the void left by the love you didn’t get from your parents — then everything will be okay and go back to the way it was during the honeymoon or lovebombibg stage. Oftentimes, Crazy will tell you that very thing.
It’s a lie. And deep down you know it.
By this time, Crazy has shown you her or his true self. There’s no going back.
Yet you stay and continue to participate in your own misery. You tell yourself you made a commitment or she wouldn’t be able to live without you (a grown, able-bodied adult) or it goes against your religious beliefs or that this is as good as it gets. Maybe you don’t want people to think you’re a bad guy or you’re a “quitter”if you leave. Or you rationalize tolerating the abuse because of the financial impact of divorce and the kids. These should be your only two concerns because they have real world consequences.
Everything else is social programming and leftover garbage from childhood.
It’s the residue of childhood magical thinking. The undying wish that if you’re strong enough, attractive enough, smart enough, generous, enough, pleasing enough and self-sacrificing enough that mommy or daddy will see that you’re special and deserving of love.
Crazy can be crafty.
Part of her sick, intuitive genius is getting others to believe they’re to blame for her cruelty, and that they’re responsible for all her emotional needs, many of which she can’t even identify. You know someone’s done a real number on you when you apologize for things you didn’t do and for the nasty things they do. By the time you reach this point you may believe the abuse really is your fault. You’re so turned around you reason that allowing yourself to be humiliated, lied to, manipulated and exploited will prove to Crazy how much you love her and will win back her affection and respect.
Please read this last sentence again. This is just backwards thinking. No one loves and respects a doormat, especially not Crazy.
If you truly want a shot at happiness, in other words being at peace with yourself, you need to stop focusing on Crazy and start focusing on you.
Who are you when you’re not focusing almost exclusively on another human being? Do you know how to take care of you? How to make yourself happy in a way that doesn’t involve making another person happy? After being hypervigilant in tending to Crazy’s constant pressing emotional needs, do you know what your needs are? Have you ever known what your needs are?
These are the questions to ask yourself if you want peace and happiness. By doing so you can break the pattern of relationships with the abusive and disordered.
When you’re comfortable with who you are and don’t require another’s approval  in order to feel good about yourself, Crazy loses whatever power she has over you. Healthy people with intact self-esteem don’t sacrifice their happiness or their lives for someone who repeatedly tosses away your best efforts and heart like an entitled child who’s grown bored with her or his newest toy.
No one else can give this to you. No one else can do it for you. And you can’t find it in another person. You have to feel and face things you’ve been avoiding and find it within yourself. It’s hard work, but isn’t it worth it? Aren’t you  worth it?
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Joan S said...

That is awesome and well said.

q1605 said...

That had to be how my father ended up on the wrong end of his own gun. That by degrees his life gave way to hers until death seemed preferable to life with out her.

mulderfan said...

Fantastic! Especially this line: "No one loves and respects a doormat, especially not Crazy."

Joan S said...

Your father was probably deathly afraid of your mother. Men can be deathly afraid of their wives, it happens, unfortunately that fear can't go on for too long. And murder is the ultimate for the narc. My brother is in the same situation with his wife. Who wears the pants? She does. There really isn't much of a soul to my brother now, as a result.

q1605 said...

If he was such a whipped MFer that he would rather face a self inflicted firing squad than to grow a pair and stand up to her. I would say he will have to take what he gets. But he didn't and he subsequently did. If you take my meaning.

Joan S said...

I don't know what happens to these men so scared shitless but needing permission to use the washroom. I've heard of women destroying their husbands golf clubs even, to keep him in line.

I would love to tell my brother to wake the F#*& up. He doesn't and he sees what she does to their children. She feeds on their emotions, and she has been treating HIS daughters like whores since they were little. I wrote all about her a long time ago. He seems to have accepted the abuse. Ruined our holidays a few years ago with cancelling a get together. I'm supposed to just take it too. Everyone is supposed to bow down to the disgusting creeps, well, never again for me.

I'm guessing your father was in the same category as my brother. Maybe his mother was a narcissist too and he just lets it happen. But one day I guess he just had enough. But he didn't protect his children, too scared. Fear is this horrible thing that has to be dealt with, I deal with it every day. Sometimes I feel like I'll just drive off the road, I feel so stupid sometimes, I can't explain. Fear is what is keeping us in line to do what we are told. I'm tired of fear.

Pandora Viltis said...

Sounds pretty much on the nose. Sadly.