Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why some mommy bloggers suck.

Say Goodbye to Crazy Episode 6: Why Some Mommy Bloggers Suck

mom ignores child to blogYou are a very comfortable, married woman with children. You have a good roof over your head, help with childcare, maybe even assistance with housecleaning and other drudgeries of daily life. All courtesy of a husband with a profession that pays for all of those very nice conveniences.
So, the challenge becomes what to do with your leisure time, which is now pretty much all your time. Why of course you go register with or some other mommy blogging site where you can spend hours a day trashing out your husband and picking at all his “flaws,” proving to the world you don’t pay that much attention to your children, who also have “flaws” you want to talk about.
Or, your husband divorced you/you divorced him and you spend much of your days on Pinterest, Twitter and other social media complaining about what a “deadbeat” he is. Never mind that he’s actually working a full-time job and a part-time job to pay you spousal and child support and you spend your days Tweeting and posting “Moms do it all” memes on Facebook while your kids are in school the better part of the day.
Perhaps once you grow tired of using the free time bitching about the man who provides you the opportunity to do so for hours on end, you can start a flame war attacking stepmothers, for not being “real” mothers; for being less than you are as a biological mother. It is Golden Uterus Heaven!
At this point you know you have hit pay dirt. You can spend all your time complaining about your privileged life, and you will get a ton of support from it from your fellow Mommy Bloggers. What’s not to like?
Well, you.
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Joan S said...

Women who have a chance to talk to eachother do this? Its terrible. I know it is trouble to go to your girlfriends to get relationship advice, and now I know more about why.

I heard one lady on our board say that her husband plays golf too much. The response from one of the others was that he was having an affair. Gee whiz what happens when women get together to talk. lol We don't have trouble at our site, we love men.

Pandora Viltis said...

Yeah, I pretty much agree that a lot of mommy bloggers are terrible. I feel bad for their kids being on public display. The internet never forgets.

mulderfan said...

1st World problems are a real bitch! I actually chipped my nail polish a few days ago.

Try to be a little more sensitive, Q.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

I avoid most Mommy Bloggers, the ones who scare me are the ones who want to be SUPER MOMMY and they helicopter their kids into misery. Too many women treat their children as trophies, this is very apparent to a child-less woman like myself. In the achievement world, those kids better look good and reflect well on Mommy.

q1605 said...

There are two reasons I remained childless and had my self sterilized. 1 was that there was no way I was going to take a nascent human being anywhere near my mother and 2 was that I questioned my own child rearing abilities to the point that I thought it best to remove myself from the populating the world equation.

q1605 said...

And I am sure the women of this world are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Tundra Woman said...

But don'tchooknow "being a mommy is da HARDEST JOB IN Da WORLD"? I'm with Bill Burr on this: Any job you can do in your pajamas isn't "the hardest job in the world."
After all, we all had "Mommies" who convinced enough of us:
-to never have children because being a terrorized, helpless little one is a fate not wished on any living thing
-that neglect and abuse were "normal"
-that being a groan up meant never having to say you were sorry...or wrong
-that paying any attention to a child including their near death or dismemberment was "spoiling the kid"
-that childhood was non-existent because we were mini-adults without any of the benefits of adulthood


Nenad said...

I'm childless too and have the same two reasons as Q, just in the reversed order.

Bonus: I would not let even a pet near my mother. Some years ago, and she was around 60 then, I strongly suspect she killed a kitten I had rescued. She claimed the neighbors did it. Not long after, she was claiming neighborhood cats where ruining her garden and bought jaw traps to get rid of them. I was anguished at the cruelty - a jaw trap! As often as I could, I would sneak out at night and spring it, so that nothing could be caught. Unfortunately, two cats were. It was the first time I seriously though of going NC, and just weeks later, she gave me enough reason that I actually did it.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

I understand not having children Q. Some women with PCOS go down fertility highway but I was too broke and being the weights I was at, doctors told me I'd die of being pregnant. I also was on a severe birth defects causing drug for 15 years [congestive heart failure drug and pill to limit hormones--hey it helped take some of that original weight off from the near 700lbs] Not to disparage parents in general, but I find myself thinking it's the most narcissistic having children nowadays--[people who rise up in the career world and able to pay for the American dream with the picket fence, three kids and a dog] or the most irresponsible--you know the people that ignore birth control while having one night stands after the party. The future of the family appears scarier and scarier.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

TW, Oh yes I tire of the Mommy Martyrs. They want narc supply and trophies just for laying back on a bed and having sex and breeding. They have turned breeding into a competition sport. So much narc supply being exchanged while the poor kids sit there without a real adult around. Many ACONS I think decide to go childfree--the resultant poverty for many scapegoats almost ensures this. We can barely keep a roof over our own heads, how are we going to care and feed for a child? Maybe some want to avoid the triggers and reminders too. I see too many children being used as possessions and not human beings in their own right.

q1605 said...

I toyed with the reality of being childless until my wife started exhibiting the same traits as my mother. They ended up as comrades in arms against me. But the first time my first wife suggested I get the snip I went for it. This is a question that garners different answers from different women. But no man seems to get any of the logic behind it. And that is why my ex-wife carried on and affair with one of our neighbors before during and after my vasectomy. Usually the answer starts with if she ended up pregnant she could exclude me from the list of candidate out of hand. To some estrogen fueled logic that escapes me now. Because as much as she hated me in the end I don't think the thought of her keeping a child that had the smallest chance of being mine was anywhere in that empty head of hers.

mulderfan said...

My parenting style was, in all cases, to do the opposite of the way I'd been raised.

q1605 said...

It's always worked for me.