Thursday, December 3, 2015

How Narcissist Mothers Keep Flies Off Their babies

Fly enters door attracted by milk coming from Bottle (A) .
Slides down trough  (B) 
 to platform (C)
Is tickled in the ribs by revolving tickler (D)
Laughs until he falls over into one of the buckets in endless chain (E)
Is hoisted over into bottle of hair tonic (F)
which raises a beard on his chin and 
Goes to platform (G)
Where he shaves himself with rusty razor
Looks in mirror (M)
And discovers he has contracted the barbers itch
And scratches himself to death along board (G)


Alex said...

I suppose you think this rubbish is funny. I find it an out rage. But I will keep checking your blog daily until you quit wasting my time by posting this kind of shit.

Joan S said...

Sounds like Alex tried this once.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Alex doesn't have anything to contribute.
He brings nothing to the table.--quartz

q1605 said...

Alex likes to spew his hot air into the empty void.

q1605 said...

I wonder if he lives down here which would make him .....Dallas Alex

Alex said...

/""""""""""""\======= ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─
/"""""""""""""""""""\ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─ ,︻╦╤─

Bess said...

Stupid trolls got nothing better to do with your time than read "rubbish." Fuckin' twat.

alex said...

I'm Alex the eighth, I am
Alex the eighth, I am, I am
I got married to the widow next door
She's been married seven times before

And every one was an Alex
She wouldn't have a Alex (No Alex)
I'm her eighth old man, I'm Alex
Alex the eighth I am

q1605 said...

This is ridiculous. I am going to quit posting your stuff unless you push your drink away and come up with an intelligent thought.

Elli G said...

Alex sounds just like my brother talking about his new business plan. Makes absolutely no sense, and comes up with a new one every few hours...

q1605 said...

I'll cut him off when he starts claiming to be Napoleon Bonaparte. There is an Alex that comments a lot on one of our cut rate competitors. I wonder if it is him? If it is he sure talked a lot of trash about me. I think he thinks the girl who writes it will seek him out from the zillions of random readers and bestow sexual favors on him for dissing her competition.

Elli G said...

In case he talked trash about you I'd say fuck off. In case he is my brother I'd say.. well, fuck off.

q1605 said...

Elli is your brother stalking you? And do you think he would hassle you over here? You never know about these idiots.

Elli G said...

My brother had my MNM spying on me and all the things that I do, especially with my business, for a very long time. I was too stupid to figure it out in a timely manner though. I went complete no contact with him about a month and a half ago, but we had never had a real relationship before that. He always used her to fish information about me, because he was always very jealous and didn't want me around him, especially because he is gay and has been acting very competitively towards me. I don't think he knows that he is a narcissist or that he speaks decent enough English to find me here. I'm not kidding you though, many times he sounds as stupid as Alex.

q1605 said...

Elli there is no shame in getting suckered by these people. Their logic and values are truly from another planet. That's why I went NC. Which didn't work because my mother was going to spillover somewhere else no matter what we did. If you don't understand what they are capable of enough to adequately defend yourself that just means you are normal. I am going to paste a quote in my sister sent me awhile back........

“In the first place, good people are rarely suspicious; they cannot imagine others doing the things they themselves are incapable of doing; usually they accept the undramatic conclusion as the correct one, and let matters rest there. Then, too, the normal are inclined to view the killer as the one who’s as monstrous in appearance as he is in mind, which is about as far from the truth as one could well get.

He paused and then said that these monsters of real life usually looked and behaved in a more normal manner than their actually normal brothers and sisters: they presented a more convincing picture of virtue than virtue presented of itself—just as the wax rosebud or the plastic peach seemed more perfect to the eye, more what the mind thought a rosebud or a peach should be than the imperfect original from which it had been modeled.”
― William March