Thursday, January 21, 2016

Glenn Frey 1948 2016

In a time when there are musicians who cannot play an instrument, and singers who have never sang a non auto tuned  note. There are still people that call the Eagles over rated and a shitty band.   
If  you are a journalist it's even more wrong.
If Glen Frey were alive he would kick your ass 
As Neil Young once sang, 
So all you critics sit alone 
your no better than me for what you've shown


q1605 said...

I had to think about posting this so close on the heels of Bowie's death. But man oh man oh man did The eagles give me my moneys worth over the years. Got laid, dropped acid, and in general ran buck wild with their music in the back ground. In light of that I didn't see how I COULDN'T thank this guy for all the fucking kick ass just bust at the seams fun I had listening to these guys.

Bess said...

I love The Eagles. They have more songs that I have an emotional tie to than any other band I can think of. RIP Glenn Frey.

q1605 said...

They were the soundtrack to my 70's, Maybe even more so than Led Zeppelin. I don't think critics liked them. Even on the day of Frey's death some guy for the New York Times was calling them over rated and had a link to Jeff Bridges on "The Big Lebowski" I guess as validation to back up his words on how the Eagles suck. Well dude no one is making you listen to them. They had the largest selling album of the twentieth century and last I checked that century is over so no one will unseat them.

q1605 said...

So tell people they suck, I don't care, they will be sucking all the way to the bank.

Elli G said...

Q don't hate me... I love Britney, many of her songs give me the distinctive impression that she is an ACON. I guess there are critics who don't like her, but who is to tell me what I am supposed to like? This would only make sense in a narcissist's dysfunctional mind.

Joan S said...

I was always hating on the eagles. Their music reminds me too much of days that I don't want to remember. It is played here lots, we have one of their last concerts on dvd, still I say I can't stand it. I do like the sound of Hotel California though, it gives me chills. I had two older brothers who played their music back in the day.

In any case the Eagles don't suck, their music is great, just reminds me of days I don't want to remember. I like it but don't like it, but if I don't have bad memories attached to them, I would love them too.

q1605 said...

Brittany definitely has her charm and I've seen her put on a good show. But she can really sing. I was watching some show with a producer in the studio complaining that he didn't have a good vocal track and the new style kids said we'll just auto tune it in post production. That's what bugs me. Brittany can actual sing, I think the litmus test would be if they sing in their live shows or lip sync. I don't think she lip syncs and so many do.
Joan I was in high school when the Eagles broke big and I heard so much about them and was so dedicated to Neil Young I had my mind made up before I ever heard a song. Bad move. Some friends brought a couple of albums over and I heard the songs that never got airplay and loved them. I got burned out on the hits they played 3 times an hour until you wanted to throw up. I'm that way with anything. There were Beatles songs I got sick of too. And I would never try to sway somebody on a personal choice as private as their taste in music. You're right that would be Narcish. my mother drove me nuts because everything in her taste/ choice of music boiled down to if you could push dance to it. If you have seen Elaine on Seinfeld dancing you have seen my mother.