Thursday, February 11, 2016

Polishing Turds and Surviving Locusts

I was talking to a friend about the perfect storm of scapegoating I endured a few years ago. It was the year 2000 if you want me to be specific. 
In the space of about one year I got into a divorce with a bonafide sociopath  who robbed me blind.  I hired one of my STBX's friends to help me run my business and who proceeded to rob me blind. I guess her and my ex being friends should have been a clue, but I knew her long before they joined their two small sludge puddles together to form one huge gulf of shit. And her and my ex and my mother all joined forces and invented a game called  "Doug is a pinata" and lets keep whacking him until he breaks open and we can see what falls out. 

Combine that with facing a thoroughly corrupt justice system and lawyers who couldn't be bothered to read a brief much less respond to one. The soup was just too thick for one person to make it out unscathed. 
I was inundated by a perfect storm of shit. It reminds me of a Joe Walsh song. The first song I ever played to a paying audience was Rocky Mountain Way. This is the same guy but a different song. 

Standin' in the runway
Wavin' at the plane
There goes everything you own
You called home collect
And they didn't know your name
Starin' at the telephone

You thought he was a doctor
Now he says he's not
But the noices seem to tell for sure
And according to the symptoms
It isn't all you got
A shame they haven't found a cure

Didn't know the reason
You start to feel the rub
You know it isn't easy
Well, welcome to the club
Well, you thought they'd take it lightly

They're actin' kinda rash
Caught you in a loadin' zone
So they smile and politely
Relieved you of your cash
Suddenly you're all alone

You play the double agent
You bug each other's phone
You got the place surrounded
There ain't nobody home

It's gettin' hard to please 'em
You start to feel the rub
You know it isn't easy
Well, welcome to the club
Come on and join us in the club


Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Yes Q it sounds like a year from hell. So many things coming together and the sociopaths and wolves were able to take advantage of the situation. I think it was the Narcissist Survivor videographer who said this but when you are down or in trouble, that is when the narcs will really come to play. Illness, financial or legal troubles, they swoop in for the feast. The third friend joining forces with the psycho two some and your business being vulnerable did make it the perfect Poop Storm. Having the justice system in there too. {that Juggernaut has made a craft of eating people alive, once in, you can barely make it out} The song sums it up well.

q1605 said...

you can't spin fast enough to face everybody all the time. Something has to give. The only thing I was sure about during that time was how much money they wanted to leave me alone.

Elli G said...

My husband's ex wife was as bad. But in her case it was more like a mafia gang, because her entire family had him encircled trying to prove his was schizophrenic. When we had our baby we were not married yet, so after she found out about us she sent an email asking for 30,000 euros in exchange for a divorce plus alimony. Fact is she knew my husband was unemployed, so they were just testing how much we might have left in our joint bank account.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

It's true you can't. When they are tag teaming, and using other institutions for their gain there is only so much a person can do. Narcs who barely even know another narc will take up for them.

q1605 said...

Yeah Elli it's their money you having it the bank under your name is just a formality they will work around.

q1605 said...

Peep you are so right. It's like the dinner bell being rung on a ranch. Everybody gather round and lets pick this guy clean until all that's left is bones. Sooner or later they'll turn on each other. But not while you show signs of life.

q1605 said...

Way back when I was still with my first wife, me and my sister were talking and she said she couldn't foresee my mother going through with our grandmothers wishes about the farm. And I told her I would split whatever I got from her and my brother in law said my wife got this look on her face like OH NO YOU WON'T! To her that money was already hers and that was a decade before we broke up so she considered it hers all along hustling herself into the will was a foregone conclusion.

q1605 said...

My ex probably talked to my mother the next day and made a contingency plan.

q1605 said...

More thoughts......anyone of them at any time could have stopped and said this isn't right. This doesn't belong to me. I didn't earn this or I didn't earn that. But they get into this whistling past the graveyard mode and they set traps and hope hope hope you missed the signs of a thieve in your midst until they can spring the trap. That's why all this love your mother crap is so dangerous. You 're supposed to love your mother..... she gave birth to you. Yet with acon's it your mother that comes in like the Trojan horse and lets the interlopers in and smiles so you will sit in one spot long enough to slit your throat. I hope my mother is forced to watch us all struggle and die down here and have the empathy she never showed on earth and be able to feel what it feels like to have your life destroyed to satisfy the whims of a monster.

q1605 said...

I just talked with my sister last night and I told her I would hate for my ex to see this blog. For one reason only, she is such a twisted hag she would have an orgasm knowing we know how bad her and my mother screwed us all.

q1605 said...

Yeah Elli like dipping a stick in the gas tank to gauge how long your car will go.

mulderfan said...

I'm just glad you made it out alive which probably pissed the hell outta them because narcs are never really satisfied until they get to piss on your grave.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Yeah they'll pick the SG clean. And then turn to ravage each other. There will usually be a new SG chosen. I can see who the new SGs are in my "fambly". Probably the three cousins who have no jobs living at home into their 30s. The rest have connections to get them work but WON'T. I could detect even as I was pulling away the GC and my NM were "fighting". She was still a mind slave but avoiding mommy far more, it was interesting how she would dump her kids off for a week and not come visit at all herself. Probably using the kids as a buffer.

Yeah your ex was planning to get it all from the start. I suspect I have already been ripped off and then some. In the fog, I should have asked to see my grandmother's actual will but never did. The way they run wills sucks where they keep the information more secret then anything else.

I tired of the love your mother crap too. She was backstabbing me for years while I stood there smiling like an idiot saying please love me. When Im thin and rich enough will you love me? So sick. All the fantasy. They are all out to destroy us from the get-go. I think part of me knew too by age 4 when she was shoving me away and locking me in my room.

I believe mine will be in hell one day, biblical reprobation. I have prayed to God to let her feel what I have. If reincarnation was real, I would ask God to let her be born and get to be 700lbs too with a hateful family. She can live what I did.

q1605 said...

I doubt if my ex tells anybody about her clamping on to my mother like a barnacle. If she would lie about telling me and my sister she died and lie about how she bought that boat while we were still married and parked at her boink buddies house she damned sure isn't going to disclose how she shafted the kids left behind from a murder suicide environment. Though I think she thought no more about doing that than drinking a drink of water.

q1605 said...

My ex wouldn't want her family to know because her parents are old enough for the struggle over assets to begin and she won't want anyone to know what a scoundrel she is until she sets the trap for her brothers and sisters to step in.