Sunday, February 21, 2016

The brain that wouldn't die


A cross section of my ex wives brain (below)


Judith said...

My mom has been claiming daily migraines since high school but refuses to ask her doctor about them. I call shenanigans. I did see that someone actually commented in her high school yearbook about the headaches -- i guess she got attention for it so kept on it.

I'd say that brain diagram isn't far off my mother.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Looks like my mother's brain though I'd make the shopping cube 2/3rds.

Most of their brains are EMPTY.

There's a reason Queen and Mini-Me never took interest in the arts or had any intellectual curiosity.

q1605 said...

Judith my mother had a life long reoccurring kidney infection and her strategy for ridding herself of it was to call her doctor and tell him about symptoms of something else that would insure he would call in an antibiotic. Most antibiotics are not broad spectrum enough to cure everything. They have some specific ones for a person's urinary tract. Ask me what she died from? I'm glad you asked me that Judith. She died from a raging kidney infection that turned septic and gave her system organ failure. That and my ex wife standing on her oxygen hose. The funeral home wouldn't give me a death certificate with out my ex wives approval. When they told me that I hung the phone up and never looked into any of it again. That's the way she wanted it...... that's the way she gets it. Putting decisions about your health care in the hands of a sociopath that stands to profit from your death is not a wise move but she couldn't fess up to her being the crazy one and not me which itself shows her instability. That she would die early so I could be pointed to and be called crazy. Even cock roaches have a stronger will to live than that.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Wow she basically died from a UTI that was untreated. Too proud to get antibiotic or go to the ER. Hate to say it but some do really die from their own pride. That's one thing about the narcs when they choose people LIKE them, well there isn't going to be much caretaking. As someone who is caretaked for, if the person has no empathy or love for you and no conscience, YOU WILL BE MEGA-SCREWED. I sometimes wonder if my sister went right to sociopath being so ill as a child, mommy so cold and no real comfort. Of course she made the decision about what she became.

q1605 said...

I can't find a doctor that will call me in an aspirin with out seeing me so I imagination she hounded them until they called something in. I am pretty sure she was non compliant when I cared for her because she wanted to prove I was a negligent son.
I took her to one Doctor and she had launched into this bullshit about how she doesn't know HOW she will make it to her follow up and the doctor looks at me and says he'll bring you. So she moaned and bitched over the whole course of her treatment. I would imagine my ex enabled her to miss appointments etc. Cuz she had everything to gain with my mothers death and nothing to lose. Shes ( my ex) has 2 sisters and a step brother and it's about time for her to be crowding them out so I will definitely keep you posted. Not that I'll ever know. Blood being thicker than water unless you are dealing with a narc.