Saturday, April 2, 2016

True Crime

I used to joke a lot with my sister about how us killing our mother would have made all of our lives easier. Crime paid for my mother, or should I say her crime made us pay in her stead. But I just saw a pretty good true crime movie about two sisters who had enough of their mothers revolving door of sociopaths and child molesters and living hand to mouth and having one or more parents attempting/threatening suicide and got sick of their mother and decide it would be better for all parties involved if they just reduced the world population by one (their mom) and they feed her pills and drown her in the bathtub. I am pretty sure I started my period before it was over, but at the end there is a haunting Peter Gabriel song that is only sold if you buy the full sound track. Without further adieu I will post the clip that has the longest scrap of that song I can find.  Excuse me while I go take an overdose of Midol and weep into a pair of my wife's pantie hose.

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Elli G said...

Just watched the movie. Props to me for not crying,yeehee! I'm in a good mood today I guess.