Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From the Law offices of Ronald Danforth Mckinney Texas

I was talking to a friend about my lousy lawyer who I paid money to write  a petition for habeas relief for charges I was innocent of of and who took my cash and never lifted a finger 
Well  looka here. He finally got his ass in a crack

Niener, niener, niener, bite my fucking wiener 

On April 28, 2014, Ronald W. Danforth [#05352970], 50, of McKinney, agreed to a 36-month partially probated suspension effective June 1, 2014, with the first two months actively served and the remainder probated. The 296th District Court of Collin County found that Danforth committed professional misconduct by violating Rules 3.02 [in the course of litigation, a lawyer shall not take a position that unreasonably increases the costs or other burdens of the case or that unreasonably delays resolution of the matter], 7.02(a)(3) [a lawyer shall not make or sponsor a false or misleading communication about the qualifications or the services of any lawyer or firm. A communication is false or misleading if it is likely to create an unjustified expectation about results the lawyer can achieve, or states or implies that the lawyer can achieve results by means that violate these rules or other law], and 8.04(a)(4) [a lawyer shall not engage in conduct constituting obstruction of justice]. Danforth was ordered to pay $3,500 in attorneys’ fees and direct expense

Here is a post from someone else who hired this slob. 
Vanessa Zapatero

My husband went to jail and I contacted this attorney Ronald Danforth for advice he had told me to just let him sit in jail and start paying him as soon as i could. My husband sat in jail for 4 and a half months and Ronald Danforth never went to visit him, I constantly called Ronald to let tell him to go visit my husband in jail and he said he would, but never did, My husbands parents and I gave him almost $4000.00 in those four and a half months and then he said we were not paying him fast enough so he was not gonna be his attorney. I asked for our money back so we could find another attorney and he said no refunds. We never signed a contract saying he would be my husbands attorney for this case and he never went to visit my husband to sign a contract either, so is this even legal to steal our money. Ronald Danforth told me that he would not give me the money back but would work with the attorney he got from jail, that never happened either, Funny thing is my husbands attorney that was given to him in jail for the misdemeanor was Ronald and he didnt help with that either....Disappointed in this attorney! We did find another attorney for him and was charged 10,000 less than what Ronald was charging. just saying look around before you decide because i was screwed badly... I am trying to find someone to help fight this so I can get my money back since he wasn't our attorney. i have all my receipts to show what i paid.
But wait there is even more.

Attorney Ronald Danforth of McKinney, TX; ethical dwarf

The state of Texas presented Ronald W. Danforth with a law license in 1990 after he graduated from the University of Oklahoma Law School.

The District 5 Grievance Committee found Ronnie guilty of the following misconduct.

Took a position that unreasonably increased costs of case or delayed resolution of the matter
Made or sponsored a false or misleading communication about his and/or his firms qualifications
Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice

As a consequence of his misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Texas Supreme Court punished Ronnie by gifting him with a complimentary 2-month suspension of his law license.

As we speak (ca. January 2015), Ronnie practices at 3001 South Hardin in McKinney,Texas.


Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Sounds like someone else got a complaint through or many others did. There's many crooked lawyers out there. I think the money they charge is insane. In small towns there could be less abuses but who knows....I wonder if they have lost business since the internet has taken over and people have found websites like nolo.

q1605 said...

The district attorney who screwed me screwed so many others in plea agreements that he had to go into private practice because no one would vote for him. He would cut deals to confidential informants and not honor them when it got in front of the judge. So the defendant didn't get the benefit of being a rat and he also got the shank if he saw the principles in jail.

q1605 said...

And for the record this is him. if you find yourself in dealings with him give him a message from me.
Fuck you needle dick bug fucker! all you did was ripen me up for a fleecing from my mother and my ex wife.

q1605 said...

Micheal Wenk is a name I won't soon forget.

q1605 said...

He charged me with a first degree felony and it was a third. Which opens you to about a 99 year prison sentence exposure. Just another day in the conviction mill.

q1605 said...

There's just something that goes against my grain to be represented by someone who would have thought I was the scum of the earth a few weeks before. It's like This week I wanted to bury you but never mind now I want you to pay me to save you from guys like me. I will say this as an experiment I contacted him and he didn't take my case because he thought it was a conflict of interest. He didn't actually say this I was working under the assumption of him having some scruples.

q1605 said...

There's just something that goes against my grain to be represented by someone who would have thought I was the scum of the earth a few weeks before. It's like last week I wanted to bury you but never mind, now I want you to pay me to save you from guys like me. I will say this... as an experiment I contacted him and he didn't take my case because he thought it was a conflict of interest. He didn't actually say this I was working under the assumption of him having some scruples. So I am probably wrong. He has been in private practice for a while so his scruples probably went the way of the buggy whip.

Judith said...

I hope you never get in trouble with the law again, but if you do, be sure to give me a call because I'll make sure you get decent representation for once in your life.

Bess said...

I worked for law offices for about 5 years, with about 6 different lawyers. Two, maybe three of them were what would commonly be considered "morally questionable." The only plus was that at least one of them thought it was fun that I flipped him the bird (directly) and called him a bitch (indirectly and got caught).

q1605 said...

Thanks Judith. My trouble making days are behind me. I think god saw fit to hobble me.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Maybe God spared me from scum allowing me to be too sick to work as a paralegal after going to paralegal school. I don't think much of lawyers.

I wonder if your mother slept with him in the past or worked with him behind the scenes to screw you and take your money. She probably wanted you to rot in jail and maybe paid him off.

The DA sounds rotten as hell and corrupt to the max. The US justice system has become a corrupt system of locking everyone up to give the corporations more nearly free prison labor. Why do you think they keep Prohibition II in full swing even though it's obvious their stupid war on drugs is a failure?

q1605 said...

Yeah being unable to work in the law field may be a blessing in disguise. After I successfully got my charges over turned I kind of liked it and found a sense of accomplishment in doing something most attorneys can't or won't do. I am pulling these stats out of the air but my guess is one in a hundred lawyers specialize in post conviction relief. And I doubt if one out of a hundred of THEM ever filed a successful petition. But if I gave them the level of service they gave me I couldn't look myself in the mirror. I will try to find some reviews on my service glass business on line but I don't know if they are still posted but most of them spoke very highly of the service I provided. I can say without looking that I NEVER took payment for services and then left town like these guys seem so proud of doing.

Joan S said...

Can't believe I missed this posting, your either too fast or I'm too old or both. But lawyers can be very bad. So glad you had it overturned, for once you got a break.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Yeah I think it was a blessing even if I had worked on the defense side. There's not very many in post conviction relief, even many of the innocents on death row had to turn to private organizations to investigate their cases totally. I tend to think successful petitions are rare and most don't want to put the time in because the prisoners are penniless. I think many who have to get a public defender end up in jail because the defenders are underpaid--if Better Call Saul has any reality since he got paid 750 per case, and aren't going to put the time in. I am sure you served your customers and didn't just skip town with their money.

q1605 said...

It's a lawyers job to test everything the prosecution throws at it and see that it has merit and meets the standards accepted across the board. My mothers lawyer did his job and did it well and held the state to the highest burden of proof ......somewhere along the way attorneys found that criminals already live on the margins of society and instead of having an altruistic approach and helping those less fortunate.........even if the guy brought it on themselves. Which by definition criminals do. They take the less fortunate for a ride. To them these are not people who need a hand up they see a person that is vulnerable and can be taken advantage of.