Saturday, December 24, 2016

Estranged Parents

I stumbled across a site for estranged parents to seek solace from the nasty bastards they gave birth to (us) and I can't begin to convey their sense of hopelessness as they lash out and drub the snot nose bastard fruit of their loins.

So I will give it to you as a musical.

I know this is racist as shit but nothing captures the plight of the estranged parents at the hands of their callous offspring like a rousing rendition of "Ole Man River!"
Man oh man you can always count on these parents to supply just the right words at just the right time to perfectly make your point. So I am shutting down this boat anchor I euphemistically call a computer and I dash by the Estranged Parents  website and see an article about whether kids that have gone No Contact deserve to be notified of a death in the family. Since my mother forbade us to attend my fathers funeral back in the 70's and instructed my ex wife to withhold  information about her death from my sister,  I thought this might be a good learning experience for me. Seeing how I am the only person I ever heard of that ditched the funerals of both parents because the family narcissist wouldn't have it. This is such a perfect illustration of their manipulation and histrionic need to control their family so they are always prepared to pull the rug out from the family members on a whim. So I am reading this article and I read somewhere between a hundred words  and a thousand and something is not quite right, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is, so I scroll down and I scroll down some more and find the picture they plan on using for this article and its a goddamn cat. I like cats as much as the next person. But I don't think the death of a cat ranks up there with the death of a close family member. But they seem to equate one with the other.

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Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

That website, horrified me including the monster in purple above holding the marionette but the people who made the quilt see themselves as the poor marionette, but I saw the purple claws above holding it, and well thats THEM. With the internet, maybe one can find out if someone has died faster, check death notices, but who know, I can see the biggest creeps hiding deaths to cause the most pain. I got guilty about some NC what if so and so dies, etc, but no one cared I was so sick and if I would die, where was their guilt? I suppose the VLC cousins will tell me if someone does. The fact they are debating this, shows them for what they are and why all their kids left.

q1605 said...

I rarely see an EP cause a death suddenly, they are more insidious than that. They give people high blood pressure and auto immune and stress related illnesses. They are definitely expediters of suicide and violence in general. Alcohol and drug addictions run rampant through their families. Yet they sit there and give no mercy while asking for nothing but. Like they were walking, talking, ATM's where the sky is the limit and their child just got too tired to carry their cash to the bank and walked off. Like that makes sense. I gave him everything he wanted and it still wasn't enough. try you pecked at his poor soul until it was live at home or suck on a .38 so he left.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Yeah it's usually a slow kill, soul murder takes years to carry out. So many dead people, usually people are 80 years old before they know as many people who have died as I do and even the siblings who went narc live on the health edge. I agree about the alcoholism and drug addiction, it was in my family, Aunt Scapegoat succumbed and many others. She was no longer the same person knew from that too. She never left home. The ones who manage to leave usually survive longer. My family had two hoarders too [I'm not talking bad cleaner "I suck at housekeeping" hoarding, but mental break-down hoarding]

You can see on that website they all consider themselves innocent as the driven snow. None ask what happened for my child to walk away? It's like the walking away dropped from the sky.