Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Just when I thought I Was out They Pulled Me Back In.

Another arm chair life coach is being a pest to one of my friends.

Blow me you hag!
I wanted to put that on Peeps comments but she has more class than to want me going over and dirtying things up for her.

Maybe we can chip in and buy some firecrackers
so she can put them up hers cats bunghole and light the fuse.


Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

LOLOL thanks for this post Q

I'm tired of the "be happy or else" bitchy life coaches. Man they all sound the same!

Queenie may have made a visit as one commenter thought. It's very possible.

She used to shout, "WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS!" whenever someone dare admit any problems.

RazedbyPD said...

Yeah, what IS that?! "WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS!" They all say it. Usually after you've listened to them drone on about how difficult every single little non-thing is so hard for them. You just mention what's going on in your own life and they are sick of listening before you even get started.
Sorry some buttbrain is gassing off toward Peep. You're a good friend to "take it outside", q, and stick up for Peep over here on your site.
I suspect with the holidays around the corner, scapegoats breaking away from narc family obligations, supply dwindling, the narcs get more crazy. And predators that they are, they're out out looking for fresh meat. Best to starve the beast with a good pop to the nose first.

mulderfan said...

Tried my best to stay polite over at Peep's place. Didn't quite pull it off. Don't give a flying fuck!

q1605 said...

Some people have the luxury of normal parents and families and some people don't.And trust me it IS a luxury . So they get are so steeped in their normalcy they can't look at us and see that there by the grace of god go them. I get stuck on the how fucking out of bounds did my mother have to get for someone to notice my mother was a lunatic?
So in answer to that question and to the drive byes that think we whine just because we can. I want to post something I already posted that my sister wrote me in e-mail. If they can write my mother off in the same sentence they condemn me.... fuck you. (them)
****Fuck you (THEM) is a LICENSED trademark from Mulderfan International. all rights reserved. ****
Sis: "I think they proved to the world they were wrong, it isn't just us seeing it. Everyone who ever knew them knows they were fucked up. Maybe not the extent of it, but people aren't as dumb as they thought. Pretty much for the world, any of the things they did tells the world they'd screwed up. Killing yourself
or other people, going on trial for killing people, disowning your own children over nothing, neglecting children, hating your own children, not having a funeral, or memorial because you're too stubborn, talking about your children like their dogs. Seriously, just running your own kids down to everyone is enough for most people to back away and go whoa, that's freaky".

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Yeah we have heard the "we all have problems" crap from them. Hey even there they are trying to one-up a person! This is why a blog that talks about any problems is an affront to them, it's taking away THEIR narc supply.

Thanks Q and others for sticking up for me. Sometimes there is a point where politeness ends.

I think the holidays makes the narcs more nuts too.

Agree with your sister's post Q. I don't need some jerk to come and gaslight me who wasn't even there.

RazedbyPD said...

OMG, q. I know when you posted this originally, I thought about it, A LOT. The whole email is a perfect depiction of the outsiders, the do-nothings. The part that sticks with me the most is " enough for most people to back away and go whoa." Yes, and back away they did, eh? Talk about a luxury, for sure! Wouldn't it have been ducky if you and your sister had that option, to just back away and go whoa!

I've had relatives and small town busy-bodies let me know they had an idea something was wrong in my home by the interactions they'd had with my parents. OH REEEEALLY??? Gee, wonder what it was like in there for the innocent dependents?!!! I'm so grateful they decided to share after the fact, as though I had nerves of steel by then and wouldn't mind their insight/insult toward my barely knitted together sensibilities.

Thanks for just sitting on your fat-asses, 'outsiders', and for not even at least taking pity, extending a kind heart, instead of just snacking on popcorn while watching the sideshow. I know there's confusion for the average person, but to be an armchair know-it-all afterwards implicates them as far as I'm concerned. Yep, Fuck 'em! TM - Mulderfan International (all rights reserved)
(If I missed your point, q, I'm sorry; I was on a roll there.)

mulderfan said...

"Fuck 'em" is trade marked but I give my blessing and permission to any abuse survivor who wishes to adopt it as their motto.
I like to think, I'm far too creative for a mere "fuck you"!
Reason: That's the NGC's fave sign-off, even though he "believes" himself to be a professional writer.

q1605 said...

I'm glad that there are people that have the luxury to sit back and mock us. I put a comment on peeps blog to Ms sunshine asking exactly where and what qualifies as enough abuse to warrant us fighting back. I get how over the top my mother is and I hate to throw it out as a trump card because not many people had mothers this bad. Then you get into the she was she NPD or was she was a sociopath. If you met her she presented as a narc but if no one was looking she would switch gears to a psychopath cat quick. Like you guys told her. It's our blogs and if it bothers her that much she can go somewhere else.I am working around to directing my anger at the family that didn't get me and my sister out of there (I presume so they didn't have to deal with her). That person at peeps set out to wound and troll anybody she could or she wouldn't have commented. Because her posting that was like me writing a magazine about the gay and lesbian lifestyle and calling ever one "disgusting fags". I wish god or the powers that be HAD afforded me the luxury of a way out. But in my house everyone just laced up their shoes and said I don't have to out run the bear I just have to run faster than you.

q1605 said...

Razed maybe those drive byes ARE people who stood by and watched someone they should have been looking out for get abused and this is their way of dealing with themselves for not stopping it as it occurred. Sort of a latent guilt projection thing. I really love metaphor and here comes one. Its like spiting your gum on the side walk and smacking your kid if he steps in it. Well not really.... it didn't end up like I wanted it to when I started it. Its too late to fix it now so blaming the victim makes them able to shift the blame from them onto someone else. My mother and ex wife would horn swaggle me to the nth degree and the be mad at me for being too stupid to not notice they were cheating me blind.

q1605 said...

Roll away Razed my friend between the two of us we'll giterdone.

RazedbyPD said...

Thanks q. "...dealing with themselves for not stopping it..." That's actually a very nice way to look at it, as if they had a consciousness about it. I guess the best we can hope for is them choosing to deal with themselves by becoming braying jackasses. But I get your point about latent guilt projection and all. I got the impression from people who were so enlightened that they couldn't lift a finger at the time, that they came to believe they were simply a better quality of human with better children. Too bad, kid. You're just not good enough to matter. That was my impression anyway.

Now youz guyz with the blogs here, you've all done more by typing out your thoughts, never mind all your other daily goings-on, than these "buck-up and deal" assholes will ever dream of contributing. I've received more 'help' from what you write than from any interaction with a posing do-gooder, ever. They make me vomit. (Don't get me wrong, I love and admire real do-gooders.) And I hope you'll all keep pissing and moaning till the cows come home; there's a lifetime of poison to get out of the system. I know people benefit immeasurably from reading about this stuff because they're confused, hurting and lonely for the family that never was. You blogsters and commenters all set the rest of us straight out here.

There. Done rollin', friend. (large grin and thanks again.)
PS Peep's "former fan" is a pud. We can 'talk tavern' over here, right?

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Your mother definitely was a sociopath Q, but the narcs even there, would give their stupid so called "advice". I suppose I am supposed to be "happy" too about the life long disabilities via medical neglect and losing my whole family. Get out the unicorns and rainbows. They are so stupid. I've lived doom and gloom they like to mock. People who have no consciences never cry or mourn. They never feel, so it's easy for them to condemn any real emotions because they have none. They can plaster on their "motivational smiles" while they get the knives out.

Yeah that person who posted was against every ACON out there with her evil comments. Well it is obvious she is malignant enough to be leaving a long trail of people she will call "losers" behind her, as she stomps on them. With my mother, if it was her, there's plenty of new victims with me out of the room. She'll go find some. Sure the bystanders all just ran away. Even as an adult, when I stood up against the Queen, they'd all start kissing her butt even harder, which happened on an email debate of 2012.

These malignant narcs have such sway over people's minds, their endless message is to blame the victim. It's not the fault of the abuser, it's the abused, and this sick society helps them with their utter crap.

The people watching us being abused were all cowards. I have no respect for any of them. The ones who ran over each other to kiss narc butt and be the most obedient were getting me to throw up before I even walked out the door. I think most of them are closet narcs or abusers since it was so easy for them to watch a kid be abused and do nothing about it. With Queen Spider, the meaner she was, the more fast they kiss her ass. It always boggled my mind. There's something sick and insidious about human nature there. With Q, even with the woman in court, and almost going to the electric chair, I can just imagine too, no matter how much evil is shown they don't care. My mother even stole money from her own family: collection for the Aunt who Loved Me's tombstone, they were all bitching about it behind the scenes to me but guess who was still having their butt kissed?

I've grown beyond bored with the "succeed" and "be positive" creeps who defend a corrupt system. Her comments about me being complaining about "the man" should tell us, that this is someone the system has rewarded and why wouldn't a malignant narc love this system? It rewards them. The fake do-gooders only abuse you. I don't want to hear there sickening advice. I got that advice on success and goals even from one narc who was living on their parent's dime, and "at home" with no bills, at an advanced age. They act superior no matter what circumstances they are in. Trust me on that one.

ACON blogs helped me survive even before I started one. I don't think that person was ever a "former fan", I am thinking more likely "former relative".

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

Razed, the betrayal of the bystanders is something that boggles my mind, they definitely just sat by and joined in the abuse. In Qs case she was outed in court rooms as a murderer, and they still ignored the kids which does point to the reality that it seems malignant narcissists can get away with everything and people will still back then up while stomping on their victims. The last thing ACONS need is "do-gooder" preaching on "positive attitudes" and "goal-setting" and being "positive". Many of us as teens and children had the plastered smiles on our faces for decades as we went out into a world ready to kick our asses for the "sin" of having parents who hated our guts.

I tried to smile my way out for years, hoping people would see I was a "good" person, all it provided was more food for the predators. Yeah this troll went against all ACONs, but I still think it could have been my mother posting. It's hard to tell since all malignant narcs sound the same, but then the postings were taken to "personal land" with comments about me having no life. I realized how she never stopped putting me down, in person and away. It sounded just like her. For all the talk of "goal-setting" their main invective was to sabotage and destroy, so it's just "mere talk". They are so full of it.

bostonjogger16 said...

I posted comments in Peep's blog too. That troll sounds like she is in a narc rage over a post that Peep hates her mother. Oh boy! She is a nasty piece of work! Some of her comments were off-base.

Her victim-blaming comments such as "not being successful as narcs" without owning up to her faults or accusing Peep of being a narc without looking herself in a mirror riled me up. Malignant narcs like this troll have a long history of murdering people who spoke up, sabotaging those who worked on their lives to settle down and support their families and rewarding those who would bow their heads like a geisha girl or lick their toes. I know, based on my experiences with my malignant narc adopted mother. Recently, I have a professor who wants to sabotage my chances of getting into a doctorate degree program.

I know narcs charm us at first, get us excited, and love bombed us that we think we are meeting a nice, caring person. Unfortunately, narcs will always do things halfway, change their behavior on us, talk behind our backs, and will not help us to succeed. They will talk the talk and emotionally abuse people for "not succeeding" or for "not sucking it up," or "moving on." Narcs want people to fail, particularly those whom they see as threatening their chances of getting their narc supplies. If we don't succeed because of narc's doings, they will make similar comments as a troll in Peep's blog.

The troll might be angry because somebody in her life is reading Peep's blog and seeing for themselves that she is a fraud. She probably lost respect, support, praises, and accolades from others. Because these narc supplies are so important to her, she hung on to it and was in a rage when her supplies were threatened. She lashed out at Peep and anybody in her life which threatened her supplies.

We need to keep on standing for ourselves and not letting narcs using their rages and bullying tactics to make us cower down in a corner. I had to take some stepwise legal actions against some narcs in business. In my master degree program, my narc thesis director tried to sabotage me by not grading or evaluating my thesis. Because I had two other advisors begging him to finish grading my thesis and reminding him of the process in our school, the thesis director gave me an A- to prevent me from receiving an award.

Oh, just in case you have aforethought, this is how narcs respond to our requests for their help. Never forget that scene whenever you think you want to ask your narc parent, spouse, professor, or boss for help. Never show your vulnerability to them!

q1605 said...

BostonJogger I am glad you braved the elements to join me in trashing her. They really are pieces of work are they not? Yeah my mother hit some pretty gruesome heights. All that is way to easy for me to point to. Murder doesn't begin to describe her day to day activity. I have yet to find one of my fathers friends she didn't have sex with and any friends husbands. When my father killed himself she seduced my sisters husband while they were in for the funeral she forbade us to attend. (I have checked with my sister about sharing that so I have her permission) I am surprised they didn't hump on the casket and knock it over. There is a point that she could have been institutionalized because of her behavior. I have yet to solidify a timeline but my father was telling my sister by phone that she needed to be in the insane asylum. But whoever voiced an opinion about her sanity was usually dead in a couple of weeks. That(I think) was my fathers intentions and my mother got wind of it and pushed him over the edge. Its a real gray and blurry area. His main tactic to keep her in line was to threaten suicide so I can't tell you how it unfolded. I mean he came home on a Friday night and she had packed her stuff. And by the following Sunday he was dead. And where she usually caved in I think she disclosed some of her extramarital activity instead and badgered him until he was gone. Either way it they shouldn't have dragged their 15 year old son (me)into the middle of it. My first wife didn't do anything to me that my mother didn't do to my father and I am still here to tell the tale. And me and my second wife got divorced and I think her kids STILL think we are married. So you can be an adult about these things and not scar your kids for ever more. I had a point when I started this but it's gone now. Stop by anytime. I will be your comrade in hating narcs.

q1605 said...

I love that movie. Now I know what my mother would look like bald and with sideburns.

q1605 said...

Razed I wouldn't expect any less than Tavern Talk from you/us.

q1605 said...

**Tavern talk warning ahead** I wonder how many times she voted for trump and if she will change her name to bowling ball to signify where she wants his fingers inserted when he grabs her pussy.

q1605 said...

Man I have seen that movie since I was a kid but they play the clip again after the first play My first time through I could barely hear Mr potter but it was loud and clear the second. Gawd that's my mother to a t. I don't remember where but I put a comment up that said if my mother had ten billion of something and you had one of it she would sit across from you writhing in anger and ruing the day you cheated her out of her stuff. And I ain't joking. When I first went NC I sent her a letter telling her to quit this and quit that and I ended with telling her to quit cussing the ground under her feet. Not hilarious but I would have given all I had to see her face when she read it. I did get to see her the first time I told her to shut the fuck up. How does that go? Telling a narc mother to shut the fuck up is worth thousands. The look on her face....priceless. aaaaiiii I crack myself up. I have to laugh at my joke because no one else will. I was forced by a court to see a councilor and she hated how I smiled and laughed at inappropriate times. But when she heard my story she just said it makes sense now. You had appointed your self the family peace keeper and making people laugh was how you thought you could best make everyone get along.

q1605 said...

Yeah you would think more people would hate their mothers. I had a glass shop next door to a barber and my mother called her up boo hooing that I hate her so I asked her what she said. She aid well he doesn't HATE you and I interrupted her and said but I do. I feel like I owe her the hate she so richly deserves and has worked for all our lives. Notice she didn't call me to make amends but was out hoovering and triangulating as we know they do. I worked with a Guatemalan and if you asked him about his mother he would get quiet and just say my mother was not a good mother and leave it at that. I think it's about time to post that obituary again.