Thursday, April 13, 2017

It Ain't a Black thing!

This pastor is going to the slammer, and you can almost feel the hypocrisy in his message.
Kenneth Adkins will only be preaching to inmates for a while after he was convicted on Monday on eight charges, including five counts of child molestation. According to News4Jax, the jury deliberated for less than an hour before declaring Adkins guilty of molesting a 15-year-old boy at his church seven years ago.
This pastor is going to the slammer, and you can almost feel the hypocrisy in his message

This is Pastor Kenneth Adkins.
He says gay people deserve to be slaughtered. He has been prosecuted for 8 charges of child
Atkins made a name for himself after the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Orlando when he bashed the LGBT community in a string of tweets. He wrote, “I know y’all want some special attention…y’all are sinners who need Jesus. This was an attack on America.” In another tweet, the pastor wrote that homosexuals “got what they deserve.” Since then, he has set his tweets so that they cannot be seen but his Twitter bio claims that he is “one of the most respected black conservative voices in America.”
SavannahNow reported, “Atkins showed no emotion as the jury provided the verdict,” and that though he has been married four times and fathered 10 children, no family was present. His attorney said that he will file appeals and that he believes the state “deliberately withheld pertinent evidence.” He also said that he was stunned by how quickly the verdict was returned.


Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

You know the ones who pound away at the gays day and night, there is something wrong, I wonder if Ted Haggard yelled about the homosexuals from the pulpit day and night. I have more traditional beliefs about the matter, but one belief is "leave them alone" more and more.

You aren't going to browbeat someone into conversion or "change lifestyles" via force. I sat in one IFB church and the pastor there would go on about the homosexuals day and night. In his case, I don't think he was gay at all just copying what he had seen and he was a very young pastor, but I kept thinking "How many gay people are even here, and why do we have to hear about homosexuality 24/7 when most people here are "family" types?

It was like 1 percent of the population got 90 percent of the attention.

No one wants to preach about adultery or shacking up, etc etc, guess it's easier to go on about a group of people not in the room. With the Christian world, I don't trust the ones who go on about sex too much, usually tells you they are doing it. The prudes and prigs can get extreme.

Always thought the Duggars were up to no good, only the tip of the iceberg got discovered there. I visited a church here for a time, this was a SBC, and the pastor there was always preaching against lust, like all the time and cracking jokes, "Don't look at those sexy chicks" and would go on about Jezebels enticing men's lust by the way they dressed, and I thought that guy is having affairs and is definitely getting it on with someone. I left. He was like a charismatic Jim Jones. He hated me and my husband, maybe he could figure out I was starting to see through him? I lasted two services.

q1605 said...

“As Shakespeare put it in 'King Lear,' the policeman who lashes the whore has a hot need to use her for the very offense for which he plies the lash.”

― Christopher Hitchens, How Religion Poisons Everything

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

can't disagree with that.

I actually used to read Christopher Hitchens, he did a good book on Mother Teresa.

Judith said...

Religious hypocrites.

q1605 said...

Whats the opposite of Oxymoron?

q1605 said...

I heard a guy say that religion is to spirituality what politics is to government.

Tundra Woman said...

Oxy-smart? ;-)

q1605 said...

Smart-ass HAHAHA!!
Like a guy that laughs at his own jokes.