Saturday, May 27, 2017

You're Killing Me Marvin!

Yet again, Peep has ferreted out an article here, about how we should feel pity for the people who oppress others, and that they are really wounded souls that need to be coddled until they find their way home. Spiritually is my guess. He offers up the fact that many oppressors commit suicide as evidence that there is that last spark of humanity inside and that they realize they have lost touch with it and can not bear to live on knowing what bastards they are, and how bastardly  they have treated their families. Twenty bucks says this guy never spent 10 minutes around a Cluster-B and if he did no one offed themselves in front of them. Peep left a comment there that draws it to a salient conclusion telling us what we already know. Oppressors don't give a shit about us. My mother was the main dealer of misery in our house and we all just let her. My father's suicide left us all to scatter to the four winds..On some level he knew he was transferring his excess dysfunction on to the next generation. As did she. And neither of them gave a shit. In fact my father went out of his way so I could be there when he did it. My mother would have devoured this guy whole. And used his rib bones to pick her teeth. People need to stop asking the wrong question. In stead of asking why these atrocities happen, they should be asking why don't they happen more often. Most crazy people I have met only check their behavior if they think they are being watched.

Can we just call it what it is? And what it is is crazy. We will never understand why they do what they do. I am going to recycle some words my sister wrote to me that really sums it up. At least it works well as a map into the labyrinth of my parents minds.
What she wrote me was this.

 "I think they proved to the world they were wrong, it isn't just us seeing it.  Everyone who ever knew them
knows they were fucked up.  Maybe not the extent of it, but people aren't as dumb as they thought.
Pretty much for the world, any of the things they did tells the world they'd screwed up. Killing yourself
or other people, going on trial for killing people, disowning your own children over nothing, neglecting children, hating your own children, not having a funeral, or memorial because you're too stubborn, talking about your children like their dogs. Seriously, just running your own kids down to everyone is enough for most people to back away and go whoa, that's freaky". 

At my age it really doesn't make a shits worth of difference. She was crazy and then made him crazy too. He smothered her , she smothered him. I wish they had smothered their kids and been done with it. Or how  about only a crazy person picks such a horrific way to end it and then drags their son into the fray. Good riddance to them both. My ex think she really took us to the cleaners. Like she got the cherry off the shitty life we had growing up. This was just more of what we dealt with all our lives. We saw this coming from way off. You say tomato. I say tomahto. They are both dead and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. I only re-hash this shit so when my mind enters the lions cage I have a chair and a whip to fight it back.  And maybe, just maybe, someone will read this and learn something about man's inhumanity to man. And if not that. They might know they are not alone. There are families out there that get pretty fucked up by just one or two crazy members. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Slow, but sure moves the might of the gods

The Millstones of justice turn slow, but grind exceedingly fine.
And I say this to you; despicable, thieving,  and treacherous sociopath narcissists.  You with all the qualities of a dog except for loyalty!