Monday, May 22, 2017

Amazon Echo.


Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

LOL at that one, though aren't the Baby Boomers now the age of the Greatest Generation? The Greatest Generation has to be up in their 90s. I will never have an echo or any of that junk in here, listening to me. I can't hear one of those things anyhow. I never have owned a smart phone either. It seems like a dumb product to me, that someone can't just open up their phone or laptop to check out the temperature outside.

or look out the window. :P

Most Greatest generation people who are still alive avoid computers like the plague.All my silent generation friends before they died had no computers and I never was emailing any ofthem.

q1605 said...

If you think computers are destined to make our lives easier and more safe, watch 2001 a space odyssey. When cell phones first became ubiquitous I was married to #1 and she quickly turned it into a one man tracking device. She would park out side and call to see if you would lie about your whereabouts. She would pick up and dial *69 to see who you called last. She had it all down cold I feel sorry for who ever she is hooked up with because by now she has him chipped like a pet. But the paradox of narcissism is that it is others that should be checking on HER! She's the one no one should ever take their eyes off of.

Five Hundred Pound Peep said...

LOL she probably has a key logger on the present guy and maybe a video on him in present time. So she knows exactly what he is saying. I usually find it a bad sign when a couple shares a Facebook account, or email address. It means someone is being "watched" Maybe not all but a lot of them. Yeah she's the one who should be watched that's for sure. I feel sorry for the kids of narc helicopter parents, that's got to be a nightmare especially with today's technology, I cringe at those commercials of parents watching kids go in and out of the house from a door cam while they sit in their overstuffed offices, while the kids are watched remotely every second.